Golden Spear Round Robin

2020 — Tallahassee, FL/US

We are pleased to invite you to the inaugural Golden Spear Round Robin at Florida State University. This round robin will showcase the top eighteen Congressional Debate competitors in the country, award a large cash scholarship to the tournament champion, and will be held at the Florida State University College of Law from March 28-29, 2020.


Eligibility for the tournament will be determined by the Golden Spear Debate Society's year-long national ranking system. Based on a competition's Tournament of Champions bid level for Congressional Debate, all invitationals with bids for the 2019-2020 season will be assigned a point value for the ranking system. The sums of competitors' top six point-earning competitions will be used to rank all competitors nationally. Points will be assigned according to the following formula:

Tier 1 Tourneys: 50 points + 25% of total Congress entries

Tier 2 Tourneys: 100 points + 25% of total Congress entries

Tier 3 Tourneys: 150 points + 25% of total Congress entries

Tier 4 Tourneys: 200 points + 25% of total Congress entries

Golden Spear Round Robin: 250 points

Tournament of Champions: 350 points

NCFL Grand Nationals: 350 points

NSDA Nationals: 500 points

Points will be awarded based on the following formula:

1st place: 100% of points

2nd place: 90% of points

3rd place: 80% of points

4th place: 70% of points

5th place: 60% of points

6th place: 50% of points

7th place: 40% of points

8th place: 30% of points

9-16th place: 25% of points

Side notes

1. Only 1st through 6th place will be awarded points for Tier 1 tournaments

2. All 24 finalists in both final chambers of NSDA Nationals will receive 25% of points


After the completion of the 2020 Emory Barkley Forum, the top twenty ranked competitors in both the GSRR Eligibility Rankings and the Season Rankings will automatically be eligible to compete at the Golden Spear Round Robin. If spots are still available, they will open up to a holistic waitlist. If you wish to be admitted off the holistic waitlist after we announce the original invitations on February 1, please email the tournament director, Jack Fitzgerald. Admission off the waitlist will not be solely decided on this year's rankings; rather, it will be based on a holistic evaluation of competitors' success over the course of their career. 

The champion of this tournament will receive a large cash scholarship. The exact scholarship amount is yet to be determined, but we are confident in saying it will be at least $1000 and will be the largest cash scholarship of any Congressional Debate tournament in the country.

This round will be recorded and kept on YouTube as a record of what a great Congressional Debate round looks like, so students and parents are required to fill out a media release form for students to compete. Additionally, students need to have at least one adult chaperone who will accept responsibility for the student to attend the tournament in order to compete.