Har Ber High School Speaker Series

2020 — Springdale, AR/US

4th Annual Har-Ber High School Speaker Series

February 7-8, 2020

Springdale, AR


Hello All, 


We are so excited to announce that Har-Ber Speaker Series 2020 *IS* a UKTOC qualifier for all Individual Events as well as Congressional Debate.  We will be adding more information to this page.  Registration will open in October for the tournament.  Looking forward to seeing you there.

 Tournament Update: 

This year any judge who is not a former competitor, coach, or qualified judge (with an extensive judging history) needs to complete the NFHS judges training.  The instructions and link is on the right hand side of the page.  Those judges will need to present their certificate of completion at judges check-in at the tournament. (This is to ensure that we are providing quality judges and quality opportunities for students to receive excellent feedback that they can use for future opportunities)


*Debate Balloting will again be done online this year.  Please be aware that all judges should have a tabroom account and should bring a internet capable device (i.e. tablet, phone, or laptop).  The instructions for online balloting is on the main page.

 The Saturday of our tournament will be an ACT test Date and our school is a test site.  So do be aware there will be some parts of campus that will be off limits and we will be asking that no loud music or speakers be used on campus on Saturday during that time.  Any violators of that rule will be *disqualified* from the tournament.  

Entry Limits 

Competitors will be limited in competition events to help with timeliness of events and to keep items running on schedule.