Cal Parli Invitational

2019 — Berkeley, CA/US

 Breaks are posted: use the button on the right.


* Please download the waiver form using the "Waiver & Upload" button on the right, and then upload completed waivers using the Google form (link also found in "Waiver & Upload" button). Waivers must be uploaded by October 1.

* The members of the Topic Committee are Isaac Goldstein (Director of Debate, Debate Society of Berkeley), Joel Jacobs (Head Debate Coach, El Cerrito), Violet Sinnarkar (President, Debate Society of Berkeley), and Sam Timinsky (Head Parli Coach, The Nueva School).



Dear Coaches and Students,

            The Debate Society of Berkeley invites you to attend the 4th annual Cal Parli Invitational on October 5-6, 2019. Our tournament will offer five preliminary rounds of parliamentary debate in Open and Novice Divisions. We plan to break to double octofinals in Open, and octofinals in Novice, subject to adjustment based on the final field size.

            We anticipate a fun, competitive, and educational weekend on campus. Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns. See you soon! 

With best regards,

Nathaniel Mahowald, Tournament Director

Violet Sinnarkar, President

Joel Jacobs, Tab Director


Entry Information

* All students must submit a waiver of liability to compete. A parent signature is required for minors. There will be no exceptions, so please be sure to bring the completed paperwork for all participants. The waiver can be found under 'Tournament Pages & Forms' on the sidebar. You may submit the waiver electronically by using the Google Form (see Waiver button on right) by October 1st. We prefer that all waivers for a given school be uploaded together.

* The initial entry cap is 8 teams per division per school. Schools may exceed that number if all registration fees are paid in advance of the tournament.

* There must be at least 1 judge registered per two teams, rounded up. If you bring 3 teams, for example, you would bring 2 judges. If you bring 4 teams, you would also bring 2 judges.

* Any team, including a club or independent team, that is not registered under the name of the school the students attend must have written permission from a school administrator or coach to attend. The permission must be e-mailed to by October 1st. Teams may not avoid per-school entry caps by registering under a different name.

* Hybrid teams should be registered under the names of both schools. Hybrid teams will not be guaranteed protection from competition against teams from constituent schools.

* Conflicts created by club teams or other organizations are the responsibility of the teams and judges to be aware of and disclose to tab. A judge who receives a ballot that involves a team affiliated with the same club as the judge must notify tab immediately, or the ballot will be given to the other team.

 * A team is eligible to compete in the novice division if neither partner competed in any form of debate before the 2019- 20 season.

Financial Information 

* Open division fee: $110/team

* Novice division fee: $80/team

* Judging fee: $150 per uncovered team. There must be 1 judge provided per 2 teams. This fee will be assessed as of October 1st. We do not guarantee that unregistered judges brought on the day of the tournament can be accommodated. Judges are obligated through the round after the last team from their school is eliminated. As in past years, judges will be released early if possible.

Registration will close on September 25th at 5:00PM. Please make all checks payable to Violet Sinnarkar. Checks can be sent to 2537 Ellsworth St Apt. D, Berkeley, CA 94704.

The Debate Society of Berkeley is committed to making the tournament accessible to all teams, regardless of means: if the above fees would be a hardship, please contact us directly.

* Late penalty: $30 to add or drop a team after the deadline, or for any changes in the last 24 hours before the tournament.

* Missed ballot penalty: $50/round for ballots not picked up, or not returned within an hour of the round ending.


Competition Information

* Please arrive early, as the University of California, Berkeley campus can be confusing upon first arrival. General announcements will be made in Dwinelle Hall inside room 155. All rounds will be in either Dwinelle Hall or Wheeler Hall.

* Members of the topic committee will be announced shortly.

* Internet is allowed during prep. Students may only prep with their partner. During the round, students may not use any materials prepared before the given prep time. 

* We will use electronic ballots. All judges will need a tabroom account and a fully charged laptop or tablet. While technically possible, we do not recommend judges fill out ballots on smartphones.

* A 10-minute forfeit rule will be enforced for every round.

* Lunch is provided to coaches and judges free of charge. Vegan options will be provided. Please inform the tournament of any additional dietary restrictions by October 1st.