National Speech and Debate Season Opener

2019 — Lexington, KY/US

Event Buildings

Congress---White Hall Classroom Building

Policy---White Hall Classroom Building

Public Forum---White Hall Classroom Building (CB), Patterson Office Tower (POT), Gatton Student Center (GSC), Lucille Little Library (LCLI), Anderson Tower (AT).

Lincoln Douglas---Funkhouser Building

Speech Events---Jacobs Science Building


Food Info

Speech/LD---Funkhouser room 200 and lunch is on the 1st floor of Funkhouser

PF/Policy/Congress---CB 231 and lunch is on the 1st floor of CB.

Judge Lounges

PF/Policy/Congress---CB 231

 Speech/LD---Funkhouser 200


Congress/Policy/PF---CB 233

LD--Funkhoser 225

Speech --Jacob Science 103