Forensics Meme Invitational

2019 — Online, CA/US

Welcome to the First annual Forensics Meme Invitational, all who want to meme are welcome!nThe tournament is still in the process making. Due to the unique nature of this tournament, all registers will be controlled by the admin. Judge signup'swill be taking place shortly. An invitation will be posted by March 15th


You are all invited to the First Annual Debate Meme competition to be hosted on The People's Stiçk during the time span stretching from the NPTE to NFA, as this is the time most debate memes are made.


The rules are pretty simple.


1)Each person is only allowed to submit a total of three memes, but there are some add-one to that.


2) the meme has to be OC, if not, you will be kicked from the competition and not allowed any more entries in the competition.


3)If you do not make to 15 likes (further explanation later) you can submit another entry 24 hours after your previous entry. However you can only do this THREE times. After your third entry, no other submissions will count. And fourth additional entry, all your previous entries will be disqualified


4) Any and all of your submissions can make it to round 2. However, only one of your submissions can make it to round 3. In the event that you have multiple that make it to round three, I'll ask you which one you want to advance


5) I reserve the right to establish more rules before the competition, and any disputes about the rules will be settled by me (or someone I appoint)


How the event works (maybe I should have put this before the rules? I'm just kinda making this up as I go):


During the previously mentioned time frame, you can post a meme onto that page. If it gets more than 15 likes, it makes it to round 2. 

Round 2, a series of select judges will go through and comment a rating on your meme (1-10). We will average out the scores and the top 10 will make it to round 3. In round 3, a new panel of 5 Elite Memelords will give your memes rating, and the highest wins. In the event of a tie, IDK, I'll figure that out if it happens


Other info:

If you want to be a judge in this competition, message me and give me a reason to make you a judge. Send me a bunch of your best OC (doesn't necessarily have to be debate memes that you send me)


Oh, and I might live stream awards