UDB Spring Classic

2019 — East Palo Alto, CA/US

Welcome to the 1st annual Spring Classic! We are excited to work with your young scholars. This year we will host the tournament at East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy and proceeds will go to support their debate team.

Parking: Free parking is available on campus inside the gate

Internet Usage: We will not have wifi available and debaters are not allowed to use the internet in their rounds

Fees: Meal tickets will be available for $5. This includes a light breakfast and lunch. Additionally, we will charge an entry fee: $10 for Impromptu, $15 for Lincoln Douglas, and $20 for Public Forum. You can hire a tournament judge for $40, but if you wait until the day before the tournament (or during the tournament) to let us know, you will be charged a judge no show fee of $60.

Team Obligations: You must provide 1 judge for every two teams from your school or program.


LD-Jan/Feb topic
PF-Feb topic


9:00 AM Round 1: Public Forum/LD LD Rd1, PuFo Rd1 
10:00 AM Round 2: Public Forum/LD LD Rd2, PuFo Rd2 
11:00 AM Round 1: IEs Imp 1 
11:45 AM: Lunch
12:30 PM Round 3: Public Forum/LD LD Rd3, PuFo Rd3 
1:30 PM Round 2: IEs Imp 2 
2:15 PM Round 3: IEs Imp 3 
2:15 PM Debate Elims LD Finals, PuFo Finals  
4:00 PM Awards