Region 13 3A Region

2019 — Bluffdale, UT/US

Welcome to Region 13 3A Region Tournament!

Summit Academy High School

Feb 23, 2019

Can double enter in a Speech and a Debate/Congress except Policy Teams

May bring up to 3 in each speech event, and 4 in each Debate Event, 6 in congress

Judges may judge in Speech and Debate except for Policy judges. 

Check in at 7am, Extemp Prep starting at 7:45am, and rounds at 8am

We will have breakfast and lunch items for sale with meal deals as well.



Round 1: 8am

Round 2: 9am

Round 3: 10am

Finals (If needed): 11am


Round 1: 12:30pm

Round 2: 1:30pm

Round 3: 2:30pm

Round 4: 3:30pm


Round 1: 8am

Round 2: 10am

Round 3: 12:30pm

Round 4: 2:30pm


Session 1: 12:30pm

Session 2: 3pm