GFCA 1st 2nd Year State Championships

2019 — Johns Creek, GA/US

Dear Coaches-

Please join us for the First/Second Year State Debate Championships and Varsity State Student Congress to be held at Johns Creek High School in Johns Creek, GA. The debate tournament will be on February 8-9, 2019, and the Varsity Student Congress will be held on February 9, 2019. A big THANK YOU to Ben Schulz and Johns Creek High School community for agreeing to host the tournament this year. 

The rules to attend the tournament are as follows:

To attend the First & Second Year State Tournament, students must meet two criteria.

1) First Year students are defined as students competing in their first year of high school speech and debate activities. Second Year students are defined as students competing in their second year of high school speech and debate. 

2) Students receive qualification to the First & Second Year tournament by attending two in-state invitationals in that event for that school year prior to the State Tournament.


To attend the Varsity Student Congress, the rules are:

1) Students qualified through the invitational tournament method are automatically eligible to attend the Congress;

2) For every two (2) qualified students to the Varsity State Championships, each member school may receive one (1) entry to the House of Representatives up to ten (10).


All entries will be waitlisted until eligibility is confirmed. It is understood that the waitlist was inactive when some schools registered. An audit will be conducted on those entries.


Legislation will be posted on this website by January 29th.


Novice policy is not limited to the packet.


We look forward to seeing you in February for the first of our two State Championships! Let us know if there are any questions.


Robert Walker

Director of Operations


Mario Herrera

GFCA Executive Chair