2019 — Bethel, CT, CT/US

On behalf of Bethel Middle School, the Connecticut Middle School Debate League invites you to our second tournament of the school year, on January 26.  Please see the invitation for details.

Debaters who will compete should research the topic: 

This House, as the United States, would ban hate speech.

They should be prepared to debate on both sides of the motion. Please refer to the updated CTMSDL Handbook and judging instructions on our website, http://ctmsdebate.org , for information on our format and rules. Observers are welcome.  

Questions or comments please email us.

Note:  This tournament is intended for schools who are members of the Connecticut Middle School Debate League.  We are always interested in accepting new members.  For more information about the league, please see our website:  http://ctmsdebate.org or email us.

The Connecticut Middle School Debate League is sponsored by the English Speaking Union, Greenwich Branch.