Northeast Regional Championship and D8 Qualifier GothamNYC

2019 — NEW YORK, NY/US

Welcome to the 2019 Northeast Regional Championships and District 8 Qualifier hosted by The New School.


On Saturday, EVERYTHING will be in 6 East 16th Street, the Vera List Center, which is between 5th Ave and Union Square. Coming down 5th Ave, turn left on 16th Street, first building on Right. Building opens at 7AM. Room 1009 will have Breakfast shortly after 7AM, lunch, and dinner that day.

On Sunday, EVERYTHING will be in 63 5th Ave, the University Center, near the corner of 13th street. If you keep going down 5th Ave it will be the building on the left after 14th Street, but only the entrance near 13th is accessible. Breakfast, shortly after 7AM, will be in the Event Cafe on the ground floor (L level).

Also, TNS has many Gender Neutral bathrooms as a default, including both buildings above. Please inform your students. If they are looking for a gender specific bathroom we can direct them to the appropriate floor (alternating in 16th Street, 2nd and 3rd floors in Univ Center).

WIFI: Sign in to the New School Guest network. You can preregister for network access now, as it lasts 7 days.


Saturday, Feb 23:

7AM – Electronic posting of Rounds 1 and 2

7:15AM - Registration and Breakfast in 6th East 16th Street (Building will not open until 7AM)

8AM – Round 1

10:30AM – Round 2

1PM – Lunch

2PM – Round 3

4:30PM – Round 4 (depending on tournament logistics, may be lag paired off 2)

6:30PM – Dinner

7:30PM – Round 5 of Regional Championship, District Meeting after start of round.

Sunday, Feb 11th

7AM – Electronic posting of Round 6 in Regionals (and Round 5 in Districts. Breakfast in University Center at 63 5th Ave.

8AM – Round 6 of Regionals/Round 5 of Districts

11AM – 1st Elim of Regionals/Round 6 of Districts

1:30PM – Lunch & Awards in University Center.

2:30PM – 2nd Elim of Regionals/1st Run Off or Round 7 of Districts

5:30PM – 3rd Elim of Regionals/2nd Run Off or Round 7 of Districts

7:30PM – Finals if required