Lakeland Westchester Classic 2019

2019 — Shrub Oak, NY/US


**We will use TWO buildings, eliminating the need to debate in the gym.  All PF, Congress, and Parli will be held in the MS.  All Policy and LD will be held in Lakeland High School. We also added MS Policy.

**The events in the MS will start a bit later because the MS dismisses later

**We will have some bussing availability to Fishkill hotels.




The closest hotel is the Peekskill Holiday Inn


That hotel has limited space, so you also want to try hotels in Fishkill and Tarrytown.  Tarrytown is closer.


We will run a bus from both the high school and the middle school to Fishkill in the evening and back in the morning. Seats are $20 round trip. Space is limited.  Email if you are interested.


ALL PF, Congress, and Parli eventswill be at the Middle School


3417 Old Yorktown Rd, Yorktown Heights, NY 1059


ALL Policy and LD will be at Lakeland High School


1349 East Main Street
Shrub Oak, NY 10588


The schools are within a mile of each other




All programs can register at the HIGH SCHOOL between 12pm and 2pm.

Programs that do not register between these times can drop checks in the respective building tab room during the tournament.







12-2pm – Registration

2:30 – pairings

3pm – Round 1 (all events)

5:30 pm – Round 2 (all events)

6:30-8:00 – Dinner (included)

8:00 pm – Round 3

10pm – Housing

Saturday, March 4

7:45 – R4 all events

11am – R5 – all events

1-2pm -- lunch

2pm – R6 –HS policy

1st elim in other events, elims in all other events will continue throughout the day.

Elims in all events except varsity policy will conclude on Saturday.

5pm – 1st elim policy (All 4-2 teams, UP TO 32 teams) in varsity and (4-2 teams, up to 16 teams in novice policy)

7:30 – 2nd elim policy
10pm – housing

Sunday 8am

Remaining elims in policy




4 – get in the building, no registration. Please note that you cannot enter the building before  4pm, because school dismiss at 3:40pm. Coaches and students will enter the building and GO STRAIGH TO THEIR DEBATES.


4:30  R1 All divisions

6:15 R2 All divisions

8:15 R3 HS divisions, no MS round


Pizza will be available in off flights




8am – R4 HS, R3 MS division

10am – R5 HS, R4 MS

12pm – R6  HS, R5 MS

2:30 – 1st elim V, N, JV (2nd MS elim)

4:30 – 2nd elim V, N, JV (3rd elim MS)

5:30 – 2nd elim, V, N, JV (4th elim MS)

6:30 – 3rd elim  V, N, JV (as needed in N, JV)

7:30 – last elim – V, N, JV (as needed in N,, JV)


*MS Parliamentary Schedule at the Middle School


4:30 00pm      Round 1 (guaranteed)

6:30p 00m      Round 2 (guaranteed)




8am      Round 3 (guaranteed, power-paired)

11am    Round 4 (guaranteed, power-paired)


2:00pm      Mixer round/Partial Octos (simultaneous)

3:00pm      Quarter-finals

4:00pm      Semi-finals

6:00pm      Finals and awards


*MS Congress Schedule at the Middle School

4:30 00pm      Session1

6:30p 00m      Session 2





9am --  Session 3


12pm – Elim esssion

Sunday 8am

Remaining elims in policy

Tournament Dates


March 1-2, 2019 
Note: Depending on the number of Policy entries, we may need to have the policy finals on the 3rd (we did last year)

Registration is open on Tabroom


Events offered


Varsity Policy
 (semis TOC bid)
Novice Policy 
MS Policy
Novice PF

Varsity PF
 (finals TOC bid)
Varsity LD

Novice LD

Middle School PF

Middle School Parli
Middle School Congress


Lakeland PF RR

We will have a Public Forum Round Robin on Thursday, March 1, 2018.  The location of the RR is TBD, but it will be in the New York City. If you are interested, please apply here.


NOTE: Novice is for debaters in their first year of debate.  This does not mean the first year of high school debate.  If you would like to appeal a particular team (for example, if one of the debaters debated at one tournament last year), you can do so by emailing before the tournament. 

JV is for students who have no more than one previous year of debate.  Again, appeals process noted above.

All debate events are “switch side” – students will be expected to debate both sides of the resolution.


Entry fees


$70/team (PF, Policy)
$35/individual competitor (LD, Congress)

&80/team (Parli – higher fee because of 3 competitors per team) 
$50 school fee

The fees include dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday for all registered participants. 

$300 hired judge fee/4 debaters (one judge covers 2 policy teams, 3 PFrs or LDrs). 

Judges in other events cannot be used to cover Policy debate entries. 


We will accept registrations until Monday, February 25, 2019 (or until the tournament fills) - The tournament always fills, so enter early if you wish

to attend
- In order to discourage frivolous registrations, there is a $10/contestant drop fee for every non- substituted contestant drop after February 1. That fee increase to $25/contestant after February 15th.   Sorry, but people over enter and waste entry space that others want.
- Judge hire fees are frozen on February 15th.




PF: February NFL Topic (all divisions) 
L-D: January/February L-D (all divisions) 
Policy: Education topic


We expect that all judges will pay attention in the debates they are judging and will work to provide a fair decision based on the criteria they outline in their judge philosophies.


We also expect judges to behave in a way that is appropriate in a middle school/high school environment. Any judges that exhibit behavior inconsistent with this expectation can and will be removed from the tournament by the tournament director at his discretion. The financial costs of missed rounds will be passed on to the school that entered the judge.


Unless there is a violation of the Conduct policy by the judge or the team(s) in the debate, the tab room views the judge’s decision regarding all arguments made in the debates as final. If the tabroom determines that a judge or the team(s) violates a Conduct policy expectation, the tabroom may alter the decision in a way that it feels is fairest for the debaters involved.


Judge Assignment


We will use a standard ordinal rankings judge placement system in varsity policy and varsity L-D (as numbers permit).


We will not use preferences in the other divisions.


We do not have PF strikes..


Card Clipping 

Judges who determine that a debater has “clipped cards” should assign the debater zero speaker points and a loss. This debater will be ineligible for any speaker awards. If the tab room also determines that card clipping occurred, the person will be removed from the tournament.


Forfeits and decision time


All policy ballots are due within 2 hours and 15 minutes (135 minutes) from the scheduled start time of the debate. If the debate you are judging starts late, you will have less time to decide.

Debaters are responsible for finding the room they are debating in. If a debater or team is more than 10 minutes late, his or her 2-person team will be forfeited.