CSD Snow Brawl

2019 — Sandy, UT/US

We would like to invite all middle school programs to join us for the CSD Snow Brawl!

Students who have competed at the high school level at any time may NOT compete at this tournament.

When: January 10, 2019 at 3:00 p.m.
Where: Jordan High School

95 East Beetdigger Blvd (9880 South)

Sandy, UT

What: Debate Events- Policy and LD. No double entries for debate.

Speech Events- Extemporaneous, Oratory.

Cost: $3.50 per student per event; $25.00 fee per school. Make checks payable to Canyons School District.

Pre-Registration will open on December 10, 2018. Drops without penalty will be allowed until the day of the tournament at 3:00pm. Drops after that time will be charged $25.

Tournament Schedule

2:45-3:00 Registration

3:15 Announcements in Auditorium

3:30-4:30 Round I

4:45-5:45 Round II

6:00-7:00 Round III

7:30-8:00 Awards

* Schedule subject to change. We will try to move quickly and finish earlier.

JUDGE Requirements:

· Speech: You need 1 judge for every 5 entries or portion of

· L.D.: 1 judge per every 4 entries or portion of

· Policy: 1 judge for every 2 entries or portion 0f

Judges must be entered into tabroom.com for registration to be accepted.

AWARDS: We award the top 10%, however the top 5 debaters are ineligible for receiving speaking awards.


CX Topic

"Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially reduce its restrictions on legal immigration to the United States in one or more of the following areas: refugees, childhood arrivals, student visas, H-1B visas."

Kritiks are NOT allowed and are reason for automatic loss.

Lincoln-Douglas Topic

Resolved: Oppressive government is more desirable than no government.

Kritiks are NOT allowed and are reason for automatic loss

Extemp Topics

Crime, Government, Space/NASA, Immigration, Sports/Entertainment


Time Limits

  • Policy
  • 1AC- 5 min
  • CX- 2 min
  • 1NC- 5 min
  • CX- 2 min
  • 2AC- 5 min
  • CX-2 min
  • 2NC- 5 min
  • CX-2 min
  • 1NR-3 min
  • 1AR-3 min
  • 2NR-3 min
  • 2AR-3 min

(3 minutes of prep)

  • Lincoln-Douglas
    • 1AC- 4 min
    • CX- 2 min
    • 1NC- 5 min
    • CX- 2 min
    • 1AR- 2 min
    • 1NR- 3 min
    • 2AR- 2 min

(3 minutes of prep)

  • Extemp
    • 4 minute speech after 20 minute prep
  • Oratory
    • 6-8 minute speech

Concessions will be sold. Students should NOT leave campus at any time during the tournament.

Entry limits will only be enforced if the tournament reaches capacity.

Any entry not covered by a judge will be dropped from the tournament.

Looking forward to seeing you!!