NDT District VII Qualifier

2019 — Fredericksburg, VA/US

Smoking Policy

Not in the Buildings

(This isn’t the 80s, and Combs is not a Vape Bar)

UMW does not allow any form of smoking (including vaping/e-cigarettes) in any building. This is both university and state policy.  

Not Near Entrances

(This isn’t the 90s)

Do NOT smoke on the porches/entryways of the buildings. Please move away from the entrances.

Do Not Start fires.

Please *extinguish* and dispose of cigarettes in one of the available receptacles.

Building Info


  1. Do not arrive before 7 am each morning. We will not have the building unlocked, rooms unlocked, or coffee ready before then.
  2. Do not use rooms that are not on the pairing. If it is not on the pairing, we likely don't have access to it. Please check with Adrienne before using a room not on the pairing. This also includes departmental office lobby areas (the ones at the ends of each floor in Combs). Room 139 is an open common room.
  3. Please dispose of ALL food trash in the large trash cans in the hallways – not in the rooms or restrooms.
  4. The Tab Room will be in 025.


Please do not play music/media in public spaces. When in rooms, volume needs to be kept very low, as there are classes in the building during the weekend, and several adjacent office spaces which have asked us to keep volumes levels down.


Do not use/touch any technology in rooms or remove furniture or items from rooms. If you need something, please ask Judd or Adrienne for assistance.

Locations & Directions

All debates will be in Combs Hall (#14).

A campus map is posted on Tabroom. Please review it.

Directions - for mapping purposes, the campus address is 1301 College Ave., 22401 

During the weekend, there is typically ample parking on/around College Avenue, and some parking in the lot in front of Combs.

Gender neutral restrooms

Combs – Basement level, near stairs at 001 end of the hallway.


UMW has both Eduroam and a UMW Guest Network.


We will have light snacks, coffee, and water throughout the day on the 1st floor of Combs.

Lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and reception with appetizers Sunday night.

Most of the hotels that folks are staying in also provide breakfast. If you need help finding a place to feed your squad, please don't hesitate to ask our staff.

Please dispose of food trash in the large trash cans in the hallways, not in the rooms or restrooms.

Rules/Ballots/Points/Decision Times


The rules are posted on Tabroom – 2019 Version.

Point scale

The NDT will be using the 30-point scale with tenths, no ties are allowed. We will use the same scale. Please inform your judges of the scale.


D7 division will use paper, because we also still use cards. [D7!!!]

It is our intent to use Tabroom’s online balloting for JV.

Decision Times

In the D7 Qualifier, judges are expected to render a decision within 2:30 of the announced start time. In JV, decision time is within 2:15 of the announced start time. If a judge is unable to decide within the appropriate time parameters for that round, the tab room should randomly decide the winner of that ballot by coin flip.


Basement of 1201 William, between 2:30 and 4 on Friday.

If you don't think you will make it to registration, please message Adrienne. We need all entries confirmed (and ideally in Fredericksburg) in order to produce the pairings.

The District 7 Meeting begins at 3 pm. [Agenda will be sent by separately].


District 7 Tournament Schedule

Friday, February 15

2:30 pm – 4 pm – Registration, 1201 William St., Basement Lounge

3 pm - Prefs due.

District meeting will begin at 3 pm.

If you cannot complete registration by 4 pm, please message Adrienne to confirm your entry.

Preset pairings for District preset rounds 1-4 will be released as soon as possible following the conclusion of the meeting. They will be released on Tabroom. Preset pairings for rounds 1 & 2 in JV will follow soon after.


Saturday, February 16 – Combs Hall

7 am – Buildings open. Do not arrive earlier. Buildings and rooms will not be open.

8 am – Round 1

10:45 am – Round 2

Lunch in Combs Lobby starting during round 2

2 pm – Round 3

4:45 pm – Round 4

9 pm – The goal is to release pairings for 5 & 6 (District division) by this time. If not released by this time, they will be released in the next morning. Pairings for JV round 5 will be posted in the morning.


Sunday, February 17 – Combs Hall

7 am – If round 5 & 6 pairings (Districts) have not been released online by 9 pm Saturday, they will be released online at this time. JV pairing for round 5 released at this time.

7 am – Buildings open. Do not arrive earlier. Buildings and rooms will not be open

8 am – Round 5

10:45 am – Round 6, JV elims begin

Lunch in Combs starting during round 6

2:30 pm – Round 7, JV elims continue

6:00 pm – Round 8, JV elims

Reception with appetizers in Combs Lobby, starting during round 8. Announcements follow.