Hornet Invitational

2019 — Fullerton, CA, CA/US

Fullerton College invites you to the

2019 Hornet Invitational

You’re invited to the Hornet Invitational on April 13th, 2019 for a full-service college and university level novice/rookie speech and debate tournament.  All events are completed in one day. Students will have an opportunity to compete in a single out-round. JV and Open competitors may serve as judges to complete a school commitment.


**You have our word that this tournament will not be cancelled, even if all of Southern California breaks off into the ocean.**

Events Offered

Individual Events – Novice Only 

Pattern A: Informative, Speech to Entertain, Poetry, Prose, Communication Analysis  

Pattern B: Dramatic Interp, DUO, Impromptu, Persuasion, Programmed Oral Interp

*Entry Limitations – All entries are limited to single entry per pattern. Students cannot compete in individual events and debate.

*Finals - Events with less than 7 competitors will not have a final round. Final round decisions will use only the cumulative results of the final round. 

Debate Events

Policy Debate (Novice, Rookie *1st tournament Only See Below)

IPDA Debate (Novice, Rookie)

*Entry Limitations - Students cannot compete in individual events and debate.

Entry Fees:

This tournament is free to enter. Schools will need to purchase a parking pass for $2 per vehicle to park on campus (even on a Saturday). Schools will need to provide their own breakfast/lunch; we will have snacks.


Each school should supply one judge per two policy teams and one judge for 2 IPDA debaters. Individual events should provide 1 judge for up to 5 entries. The tournament is free so covering your judging is a must. Experienced (Open & JV) competitors may serve as judges to fulfill your commitment.

Rookie Debate - See Official Invitation for Full evidence packet

Rookie Policy Debate will follow a 5-3-3 structure with 5 minutes of prep per team. Rookie policy debate will be limited to the evidence packet in the tournament invitation document. These rules DO NOT apply to Novice policy debate.

Rookie division eligibility: Students should be in the 1st tournament of competitive forensics & have no prior policy debate experience.  

IPDA Debate

All team IPDA rounds shall follow the time limits and rules established by the International Public Debate Association. Students will have thirty minutes of preparation time (this includes time walking to the rounds).

ENTRY ON Tabroom.com -

ENTRY DEADLINE: April 10th at 10PM

Questions? Please contact us at:

Jeff Samano

Jeanette Rodriguez

Toni Nielson








We are excited to host you in April!