UHSAA 5A State Tournament

2019 — Woods Cross, UT/US

Dear 5A Coaches:


It is our pleasure to extend you an invitation to the 5A State Tournament to be held March 8th and 9th at Woods Cross High School. Congratulations to you and your students for a great season! Please read carefully through the following information:

Pairing Meeting

A pairing meeting will be held at West High School at 3:30 PM on Wednesday, March 4th. All coaches are invited to attend. Anyone wishing to participate should email Moses Baca at moses.baca@slcschools.org.


Congress Legislation

Congress will use the most recent orders of the day posted on utahdebatecoaches.org.

Session 1
A Resolution to End Lobbying
Gun Safety Act of 2019
A Bill to Ban Importation of Slave-made Products
A Bill to Decrease Trade with China
A Bill to Regulate Pharmaceutical Drug Prices
Session 2
A Bill to remove mandatory federal minimum drug sentencing
A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Minimize GMO Monopolies
A Bill to Establish The Trans Indian Partnership
A Resolution to Amend the Budget
A Bill to Federally Mandate Child Vaccinations
A Resolution to Limit Civil Asset Forfeiture
A Resolution to Help the Rohingya
A Resolution for the Right to be Forgotten
A Bill to Enact Extensive Immigration Reform
A Resolution to Cut Corn Subsidies


Woods Cross High School

600 W 2200 S, Woods Cross, UT 84087


Hotel information can be accessed from the attached fliers here on tabroom.com

State Tournament Committee

Director and Region 6 rep

Moses Baca, West High School


Region 5 rep and Host

Brooke Gregg, Woods Cross High School


Region 7 rep

Patricia Kittel, Cottonwood High School


Region 8 rep

Rachel Billings, Skyridge High School

Coaches Meeting

All head coaches are expected to attend a brief meeting that will begin as soon as each round 1 ballot has been distributed. The agenda of the meeting is as follows:

  • Assign other tournament responsibilities

  • discuss rules for the tournament and protocol for challenges and protests

    • Observers

    • Protest protocol

  • voting for coach of the year

  • nominate host for 2019 tournament


Congress: Legislation will be a compiled from the dockets of region tournaments, and posted here once it is created.


Extemp: Questions will be taken from the state list sent out by NFHS from March, February and January.  Please review the rules for Extemp, especially regarding the use of electronic devices.


Impromptu: Topics will consist of concrete nouns, current events, quotes, and abstract nouns.


Oratory: Please review the rules for Original Oratory. Also, All qualifiers to the State Meet must have submitted a copy of their original oratory one week in advance to the state forensic representative. This copy should be typewritten and double-spaced. All quoted materials should be so specified with an appropriate bibliography attached.


LD and PF will use March topics

Judging Requirements

Please observe the following with respect to the number of judges required, copied here from the UHSAA Speech and Debate Guidebook:


Section 16: Schools to provide Judges

Schools who fail to supply their allotted judges will be fined $100.00 per judge.

  1. Schools are required to supply the following qualified judges:

    1. One judge for one to two debate teams

    2. Two judges for three debate teams

    3. One judge for one to four I.E. contestants

    4. Two judges for five to eight I.E. contestants

    5. One judge for one to three L.D. contestants

    6. One judge for one to three Public Forum teams

    7. A full slate is required to bring a minimum of six judges.

  2. Each judge must be available for assignments one round beyond the elimination of all students from that school. All judges must be available for all rounds held prior to the awards assembly. Each school must have one L.D. judge, one Public Forum and one Policy judge with entries in L.D., Public Forum or Policy available for elimination rounds. Failure to abide these rules will result in a penalty fine of $25.

  3. Region Reps are responsible for securing Congress judges.

 Judges will be expected to attend the mandatory judge’s orientation meeting to be held before the first round.   


The meet director may make a reasonable effort to secure extra, for-hire judges from neutral institutions, but this does not release a school from its judging obligations.


Friday, March 8

Registration 2:30 – 3:00


PF, LD, Policy

Round 1 3:30-5:30 

Round 2 5:30-8:00 

Round 3 8:00-9:30



Session 1 3:30-6:30

Session 2 7:00-9:30


Saturday, March 9

PF, LD, Policy

Round 4 8:30-10:30

Round 5 11:00-1:00

Ballot Review 1:00-1:30 

Break rounds 1:00



Final 10:00—12:30


Individual Events

Round 1 8:30-9:30

Round 2 10:00-11:00

Round 3 11:30-12:30 

Round 4 1:00-2:00

Ballot Review 2:00-3:30

Final rounds approx 3:00

Lunch 12:30-1:00  



To have a fair and enjoyable tournament, I think it’s important that each of us take the time and review the UHSAA Handbook at https://www.uhsaa.org/Publications/Handbook/ActivitiesSections/SpeechDebate.pdf.