Chiawana High School

2018 — Pasco, WA/US

We will have concessions and Microwaves available at this Tournament. It may not be open during all rounds. Concessions include cup noodles, muffins, sodas, chips, fruit, cookies etc. 


Please note that EdCom is in Pattern A and Tall Tales in Pattern B.

Also, Debate rounds 3-4 and now have Speech Pattern A round 3 in between them. 

Changes are bolded. 



7:45 AM Registration

8:00 AM Extemp. Draw

8:00 AM Judges Meeting

8:30 AM Speech Pattern A Rd. 1 DI, DUO, EdC, Ext, Inf, 

9:30 AM Speech Pattern B Rd. 1 HI, IMP, OO, POI, TT, 

10:45 AM Congress Session 1 CON, 

10:45 AM Debate Rd. 1 BQ, LD, PF, 

11:45 PM Debate Round 2 BQ, LD, PF, 

1:00 PM Speech Pattern A Rd. 2 DI, DUO, EdC, Ext, Inf

2:00 PM Speech Pattern B Rd. 2 HI, IMP, OO, POI, TT

3:15 PM Debate Round 3 BQ, LD, PF, 

3:15 PM Congress Session 2A CON, 

4:30 PM Speech Pattern A Rd. 3 DI, DUO, EdC, Ext, Inf

5:30 PM Debate Round 4 BQ, LD, PF, 

5:30 PM Congress Session 2B CON,

6:30 PM Speech Pattern B Rd. 3 HI, IMP, OO, POI, TT

7:30-8:15 SPARFEST!!!!

8:15 PM Awards