Pop Up Parli The Spontaneous Tournament

2018 — Santa Monica, CA/US

WELCOME TO "PARLI POP UP” - THE SPONTANEOUS PARLI TOURNAMENT" hosted by New Roads School, in the wake of the unfortunate cancellation of SCU.

Tournament schedule:  Sunday 11/18 all day. 

Check in at 8:00 sharp in front of our Middle School Building. Look for signs and guides. 

Opening assembly will be at 8:30 a.m. in Lincoln.

Round one topic release at 9:00 a.m.

Round 2 10:15

Lunch 11:30

Rounds 3-5 on the half hour starting at 12:30

Breaks Announced at 3:45

Elimination rounds as soon as possible after that.


We plan to have five rounds plus elimination rounds - at least semi-finals and finals.  This is subject to change because tournament planning is fluid. We will cap entries at 20.  We reserve the right to have extra prelims and no elims if we have a judge shortage. We will do our best to comply with NPDL Board Manual Article XXI (2)(c) to break a sufficient number of teams, consistent with judge availability, hence partial-quarters are possible if time permits.  To that end, there must be one judge per two teams, remaining until one round past elimination.  Judge absence will lead to a $50 fine.

We will use paperless ballots! Judges need smartphones or laptops and must create a Tabroom account. Do it at home before you come; we can walk you through it at the tournament if you have trouble. Electronic ballot demonstration will be available at check-in and at the 8:00 a.m. assembly.

The pop-up parli tournament will be a significant opportunity to earn points toward qualification for the Parliamentary Tournament of Champions which we will host at New Roads school on April 6-7, 2019.

This tournament will be free!  Of course there is no free lunch!  YOU WILL NEED TO BRING SACK LUNCHES. Ordering food for delivery is possible but we cannot delay the tournament merely because a delivery is late thus the imperative to bring food. BRINGING FOOD TO SHARE WOULD BE REALLY NICE. Picnic tables are available in front and in back of the Middle School. Please don't eat lunch in the classrooms.

Please put each classroom back in order and clean up when you leave.

Rules: Internet prep, prep with partner only,  no internet in the round, only materials prepared during the preparation period may be used in the debate.  Speech times: 7-8-8-8-4-5. We will default to NPDL norms otherwise.

You may use Lincoln or any available space for preparation.

We encourage judge disclosure of results AFTER submission of the decision by electronic ballot. The judge may indicate “oral” reason for decision and add comments later.  The tournament is only as fast as the slowest judge. Time is of the essence with five preliminary rounds!

Topic Committee:  Mark Windham, Akunna Uka, Meera Keskar.  NPDL norms, in anticipation of and preparation for the Tournament of Champions.

At this point we have 18 teams and can take two more.  We are looking for a couple of additional schools to promote judging diversity.

For information contact Mark Windham: zenjurist@gmail.com. In fact, please write if you think your school could attend.



New Roads School is located at 3131 Olympic Blvd., Santa Monica, 90404, just West of Centinela, close to the intersection of the 405 and 10 freeways.  Park on campus or behind the school on Nebraska Ave.