South Carolina District Tournament

2019 — SC/US

South Carolina District Qualifier

for the 2019 National Tournament
Congress District Qualifier
Southside High School
Greenville, SC
Sat 2/2 Sat 2/2 HOU SEN
SC District Qualifier Tournament
Eagle Invitational
Greenville, SC

S C District Registration

March 15 & 16, 2019

Hosted by Bob Jones Academy

Greenville, SC

February, 2019

Dear South Carolina Coaches,

It’s time to start thinking about the District National Qualifier Tournament.  The District Committee and I are looking forward to hosting your team at this SC only tournament to be held at Bob Jones Academy in Greenville.  

As in previous years, the District qualifier Congress will be held apart from the other events.  The District Congress event took place Feb.2 at the Southside tournament.

On this website you will find directions the online registration forms and pertinent information.  Please pay close attention to deadlines as many of the due dates are absolute.  We want all of our SC NSDA schools to participate!!

Questions:  If you have questions, please email or call Gail Nicholas (SC district chair):   Cell phone 864-270-8556 or


Important Reminder:

You are responsible for reading – prior to the District tournament – the entire 2018-2019 NSDA High School Unified Manual  at 

The 2018-2019 (dated January, 2019) manual contains new and updated materials concerning the tournament and the events.

 Please make sure your judges read the event descriptions as given by the NSDA in the 2018-19 Competition Events Guide at

REGISTRATION  Our district qualifier tournament for all events (except Congress) will be held March 15-16 at Bob Jones Academy in Greenville.  Registration for that tournament will be located at  For all non-congress events, we will be using the standard version of the NSDA Unified Manual (not any pilot versions), posted to the right in the "Info" section of our registration page on Tabroom.        

This is a BIG change from previous years. Check your email for registration instructions that I will send to everyone.

Due March 8 – For registration go to: – students and judges.   Initial registration needs to be done by this date (7 days in advance of the tournament).  You will have until Wednesday, March 13 8:00 pm to make changes without charges.   After that time, any changes must be emailed to Gail Nicholas.  Please read the rules about substitutions and drops.

 No changes except drops may be made within a 48 hour window of the tournament.


  We look forward to seeing all our SC schools at the District Tournament! 

Gail Nicholas, SC District Chair

Committee Members:

Jessica Chassereau, Berkeley HS

David Dejesa, Riverside HS

Jonathan Dorn, Eastside HS

Chuck Nicholas, Bob Jones Academy