Harvard Westlake Debates

2019 — Los Angeles, CA/US

Harvard-Westlake Debates

The Harvard-Westlake Debates will take place from January 17-21, 2019 on the Upper School Campus of Harvard-Westlake School.  


Over the course of these 4 days, we will be running a number of events. 

debateLA Round Robin: Thursday Jan 17 - Friday Jan 18
Varsity LD: Saturday Jan 19 - Monday Jan 21
Novice LD: Saturday Jan 19 - Sunday Jan 20
World Schools: Saturday Jan 19 - Sunday Jan 20
Middle School Public Debate: Monday Jan 21

Tournament Hotel

We would ask all teams coming from out-of-town stay at our tournament hotel:
Warner Center Marriott Woodland Hills
21850 Oxnard Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Phone: 818-887-4800

The rate for the hotel is $140 per night. You can make reservations by clicking on this link:



The deadline to register for the tournament hotel is Friday December 21. Out-of-town schools who do not stay at the hotel will be assessed a fee of $100.00. 

Registration Process

(note: MSPDP schools should follow normal registration procedures like we do at all tournaments. You can bring a check or cash the day of the tournament.)

We do not allow debaters to compete independently from their school. Debaters must represent their school. Further instructions below.

1. Register teams on Tabroom.com - all teams will be placed on a waiting list until we receive payment.

2. Send payment.

3. Debaters attending the tournament without a school employee must have a principal copy/paste the following language into a email sent from a school email address to Mike Bietz at mbietz@hw.com. We must receive this email by December 21, 2018 at 5:00pm.

Our school is the degree granting institution for every student attending the 2019 Harvard-Westlake Debates. Each student represents the school. Our school is responsible for every student, coach, and judge attending the 2019 Harvard-Westlake Debates under our school’s name and gives the students permission to compete and the judges permission to judge. Whenever a student is on campus, there will be at least one school-approved chaperone at the Upper School Campus of Harvard-Westlake School located at 3700 Coldwater Canyon Ave, Studio City CA 91604. 

We agree that if at any time the tournament discovers a student or school does not meet the aforementioned criteria, the student(s) and/or school will be immediately disqualified from the tournament and forfeit any fees given to the tournament and to pay any incurred at the tournament.


4. When you have made your hotel reservation, email sphillips@hw.com to remove the fee. (Local schools with debaters and coaches who will be returning home between days should email Scott so we can remove your fee).

5. Know deadlines. We will freeze fees on December 14, 2018 at 5:00pm. This is also the deadline to hire judges. Anyone who has entries, but are short on judges will be assumed to be hiring judge(s) to cover uncovered debaters. Hiring requests that happen after December 14, 2018 at 5:00pm will be accepted on a rolling-basis depending on availability. 


NOTE: Event-specific rules and procedures will be on event-specific pages where applicable.