Wisconsin State Debate Tournament

2019 — West Bend, WI/US

2019 WSDT Invitation


Date and Location: January 19-20 (Saturday and Sunday) at West Bend East/West High Schools, 1305 E Decorah Rd. West Bend.  


Tournament Website: wsdt.tabroom.com The most accurate and up to date info can be found here.  There is also information there that is not included in this invite.


Divisions: Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, Novice Policy, and Varsity Policy.

Each division will have 6 preliminary rounds.  Only teams with winning records will advance to the elimination rounds.  


Qualification: In order to compete, teams must have earned a winning record during at least 2 tournaments, one of which may be a non-WDCA sanctioned tournament.  A verified list of qualified students can be found at wdcastate.appspot.com.  For complete procedures, check the standing rules.


Entry Fee: $50 per entry


Judge Requirements: in PF 1 judge for every 2 entries or fraction thereof.  In LD, NCX, and VCX 1 judge for 1 team, 2 for 2 or 3 teams, 3 for 4 or 5 teams, etc.   Tabroom might not reflect these requirements accurately, but they should be really close. Schools must fulfill their entire obligation.  Hired judges aren’t available. Judges are obligated 2 full elimination (not partial) rounds beyond their schools elimination. For example, if the last team is eliminated in the quarter finals, judges are obligated to the Semi AND Final rounds.  If you are hiring a judge you believe to be independant, please contact John Knetzger who will determine their status.


Judge Certification: Any judge with less than 2 years of experience judging, coaching, and/or debating must be certified in the division they are judging.  Training and certification materials are available at wdca.org.


Online Balloting/Live updates: Judges are strongly encouraged to bring a device to ballot online.  Students are strongly encouraged to have a linked account in order to get schematics sent right to their device.


Preferencing/Strikes: Provided all judges are entered by the deadline, preferencing will open on Wednesday, January 15th.  It will close at 3 PM on Friday, January 18th. Teams in LD, NCX, and VCX will preference judges. Teams in PF will be permitted to strike up to 4 judges.


Food: Food options and lunch ticket orders will be the tournament website.  Leaving campus for lunch isn’t advised and won’t be an acceptable reason for being late to a round.  Lunch for judges and coaches is NOT included. As the deadline for lunch tickets is before the registration deadline, all lunch tickets (for students, judges, and coaches) must be preordered.  


Deadlines  Entries are due by 6 PM on Monday January 13th.  After that deadline, schools may substitute 1 debater in PF, NCX, and/or VCX.  Judges must be entered by 6 PM on Tuesday, January 14th. In LD, NCX, and VCX, all judges must have a linked tabroom account and a paradigm posted by the same deadline.


Mandatory Registration On Friday January 18th, between 5 and 7 PM, teams must confirm their registration.  Directions will be emailed to coaches closer to the tournament. Failure to register during this window will incur a fine.

Schedule: Please see the tournament website for the complete schedule.  Mandatory meetings for students and judges will begin at 8AM Saturday. All divisions will have Rounds 1-5 on Saturday.  Sunday begins with round 6 and concludes with all elimination rounds. Sunday’s awards ceremony is scheduled for approximately 3 PM.


Additional Questions:  Please contact John Knetzger at john.knetzger@gmail.com or 414.378.2839 with questions.