Last Ditch WDCA qualifier

2019 — Milwaukee, WI/US

Last Ditch Qualifier


January 5, 2019 Marquette University High School


This tournament is being held in conjunction with the NDSA Southern Debate Qualifier.  We will not share judges with that amazing qualifier.


Divisions:  We will offer LD, PF, and Novice Policy.  Any division is subject to being cancelled if there aren’t enough entries by the registration deadline.  There is a great chance that if you have many entries in a division, your teams will be scheduled against each other.  As always, you can coach over those rounds if you choose.


Fees: $10 per team.  


Awards:  Nope.  Nada. Zip.  You’ll get the opportunity to get kids qualified for the WSDT and a good feeling inside for doing it.


Judges:  1 Judge for every 2 policy teams.  1 judge for every 2 PF/LD teams. We won’t have any extras to hire.  If you are short, you’ll have to decrease your entries. I’d love to not print a piece of paper so please have your students linked and your judges ready to ballot online.


Registration and Schedule:  You can check in online check in until 8:00 or text John at 414-378-2839 between 6 and 8:00.  Round 1 is at 8AM. If I don’t hear from you on time, you won’t be in round 1. Other rounds will follow.  The number of entries will determine the number of rounds offered.

Questions?  Contact John.