Law Magnet Invitational

2018 — Dallas, TX/US

Greetings from Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet! We will host our first-ever TFA tournament on Nov 30-Dec 1 at Townview Magnet Center, located right off of I35 - under 5 minutes from the Bishop Arts District. We will host novice and varsity debate events (Policy, LD, PF, and Congress) as well as IEs (DX, FX, Oratory, DI, and HI).

Concessions will be offered Friday and Saturday, and we'll also offer what's looking to be a great hospitality set up for coaches and judges.

Debate entries will be taken on Tabroom. IE entries will be taken on JoT. NO phone or fax entries will be accepted. Please email if you have any questions or issues.

We hope you consider visiting a new area of the metroplex to support a team navigating total budget cuts - if nothing else, come to check out our awesome view of the Dallas skyline from our library. Thanks for considering our tournament! 


Quick reference info:

Address - 1201 E 8th Street, Dallas TX 75203 

Tournament Director contact: Derek Liles, // 214-335-4009

First TFA tournament mentored by (aka many thanks to): Tracy McFarland and Dan Lingel  

Payments accepted by: Friends of JBS Law Magnet, 1731 Timbergrove Circle Dallas TX 75208

Fees: proof of payment or check must be provided by tournament registration, or your students will not be allowed to compete. 

-Custodial/hospitality - $35 per school

-CX - $35/entry 

-LD - $25/entry

-PF - $25/entry 

-Congress - $15/entry 

-Uncovered Debate Judge - $150

-Uncovered IE/Congress Judge - $75

-IEs - $15/entry