Seattle Academy Cardinal Speech Invitational

2018 — Seattle, WA, WA/US

Seattle Academy 2018 Cardinal Speech Tournament

November 10, 2018

Seattle Academy, 1201 E. Union St., Seattle, WA 98122


You are cordially invited to attend the Seattle Academy 2018 Cardinal Speech Tournament. We are offering the WA State Speech events (DI, HI, DUO, OO, EXT, EXP, IMP, POI), in open division. Please check the schedule, as we are running all IE’s in one pattern. Students may enter up to two IE’s. We are a qualifying bid, numbers sufficiently allowing, for state in WSFA District 2. We are following the current WSFA rules in all events. Like State, the top 7 competitors will advance to a final round in each event.


Your registration is due on Wednesday, November 7, by 5:00 pm. Tournament entries and fees are set at that time. Registration will be online at . Drops after that time will not be deducted from the entry fees, nor will adds be made. It is vital that any drops are made prior to the day of the tournament if possible. Last minute changes are what make tournaments fall behind schedule! If you have any questions/concerns the best way to contact me is by cell (206-498-7324) or at We look forward to a great meet!


All events conflict, however a student may enter two. There is ample time for your students to double enter, though it is the competitor’s responsibility to get to both rounds in a timely manner. Students will be asked to indicate if they are doubled entered, so judges will wait for the contestants. We will have a sheet on the door for competitors to sign. Triple entry is not permitted.



Ø One judge covers 5 entries or a fraction thereof (Example: 10 entries requires 2 judges. The 11th entry would bump that up to 3.)

Ø As all events are Open division only, there are NO STUDENT JUDGES


Please Note: I don’t have judges available to hire. In the event a squad shows up to register with insufficient judges, I will be forced to drop its competitors down to the amount of judges they DID bring. Judges will be required to sign in before the tournament commences.



The WIAA/WSFA requires that a certified coach/staff member from each school or school district supervise the competitors at all times. Failure to comply will result in the school forfeiture from the tournament.


Coaches please inform your students that they are not to enter a room until the judge is present. Also make your judges & students aware the tampering with the school’s technology is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of computers or equipment, disconnecting any plugs or cables, etc. Failure to abide with this standard will result in the student/judge’s removal from the tournament plus any potential charges as a result of the infraction.



No School Fee.

Each IE entry (including DUO entries) $10.00


Acceptable methods of payment include, 1) School check, 2) School or District PO,

3) Personal check. Make checks payable to Seattle Academy.

DIRECTIONS AND PARKING: The day will begin and end in the Middle School Building (corner of Union and 13th. The main entrance is located on 13th Avenue between E Union and E Spring. Parking will be available for regular vehicles as directed by our event staff. If you have a larger vehicle, or if the first lot becomes full, you can drop your team off at the gym, and we will have several of our facilities/transportation staff there to direct you to our overflow parking near the Seattle University campus.





COACHES/JUDGES follow the signs to register outside the Main Office.



-DI, HI, DUO, POI, and OO are 10 minutes with a 30 second grace. EXP is 8 minutes with a 30 second grace. EXT is 7 minutes and IMP is 6, both with 30 second grace periods. After the grace period is expired, the student may not be ranked first. ALL JUDGES ARE EXPECTED TO TIME. Time signals are given in IMP and EXT. 


-The tournament will consist of three randomized single-judged preliminary rounds, breaking the top 7 competitors in each event to a triple-judged final round. We will make an effort to include a coach in each of the four final judge panels.


-Speaker points will not be used at this tournament. Ties will be broken on rank reciprocals, then, if needed, dropped high/low ranks. To lessen confusion, speaker points will be removed from the ballots.


-Food will be provided for judges in the lounge by our Seattle Academy chef staff free of charge, food will be available in our concession area by the gym for student purchase. Student competitors will not be permitted in the judge lounge.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to email me and ask:


Looking forward to seeing you in November!



Registration: 7:00-7:45

Round 1 8:00-9:30

Round 2 10:00-11:30

Round 3 12:00-1:30

Finals 2:00-3:00

Awards 3:30-4:00


Please Note: This is a preliminary schedule. In the event we can expedite and move things along, we will proceed faster and end earlier.