Georgetown International PF Tournament

2019 — Washington, DC, NY/US


  • Southwest Garage is open (free) all weekend. I think that is the one that you mean when you say "by the fieldhouse" though not positive.
  • Southwest Garage (Use 3611 Canal Road as the address for directions using GPS). This is the garage for university visitors
  • You can also park at the student union but it is very expensive -- $75/day


37TH & O


As long as we don't lose any rooms, ALL debates will be in the ICC and White Gravenor (WGR, which is direclly across from ICC)

The tabroom is ICC 212, but you should not come here unless you are a head coach who needs to see us.



There is no formal registration for the tournament.  There are two important notes --

(1) If you have ANY changes from your entry, those need to be communicated ASAP. The pairings will be release on at 7am on Saturday, so it is essential that any changes are communicated as soon as you have them.  If your students are registered on and connected to your school’s account, they will receive pairings by text and email

(2) If you wish to pay, please simply drop the check off in tabroom 30 MINUTES AFTER the start of Round 1.   

(2) I will be in the lobby of the Key Bridge Marriott on Friday between 7pm and 10pm if you have any last minute questions and/or wish to pay at that time.




There is a guest network and students ARE PERMITTED to be online during their debates and even to do research. They MAY NOT, however, receive any outside coaching during the round. A team was disqualified for receiving outside assistance the Lakeland tournament, so please do not do this.

Judge Training


Again, there is no judge training.  All judges must be trained by their representative institutions BEFORE the tournament starts.



Resolved: The United Nations should grant India permanent membership on the Security Council.

Open to all US teams and any teams from around the world. 

March 30-31

March 30 -- Prelim rounds 1-5 (8am-8pm)
March 31 -- Prelim round 6, elims (8am-6pm)
(intl breakout for intl teams that don't qualify)


Location: ICC Building, Georgetown University
Enter at 37 & O


March 30

7:15am -- Pairings released

8am Round 1
10:30 am Round 2
12: 30 Lunch (on your own, student union is best)
1:30 Round 3
4pm Round 4
6:15pm -- Round 5

March 31

8am -- Round 6

ALL 4-2 teams will reach the elimination rounds. The top 8 teams that were originally entered in JV who do not break in the varsity/open division will make eliminations in JV.

10:30 First elim (partials, as needed)
11: 30 Second elim
1:30 Third elim
3:30 Fourth elim
4:30 Fifth elim (as needed)