FGCCFL January All Events

2019 — Durant HS, Plant City, FL/US

FGCCFL Tournament Invitation
Durant High School
Saturday, 26 January 2019

Registration 7:30 – 8:00 AM

Coach: Alexeus Jasinowski (813) 446-4026
4748 Cougar Path, Plant City, FL (map)


Events: All NCFL Events. No double entries. No more than SIX entries per event (including Congress). Last tournament prior to Grand Finals.

* NCFL 2019 Nationals rules are in effect in all events. Internet access is now permitted in LD, TD, PFD, and Congress, but communication with any person not in the round will result in disqualification. Internet access IS STILL PROHIBITED in Extemp Prep. Click on “HCPS Wi-Fi Info” at right for additional information.

Cost: $20.00 per competitor including host/lunch fee PLUS an additional $10.00 host/lunch fee for each judge and/or adult observer. Checks should be made out to FGCCFL for the full amount.

Food: Closed campus (FGCCFL rule). Please remember to order lunches on Tabroom for all competitors, judges, coaches and adult observers. ONE complimentary lunch will be provided to each school for the head coach. Email Alexeus Jasinowski with meal totals by registration deadline <alexeus.jasinowski@sdhc.k12.fl.us>.


Judging requirements: One (1) judge for every four IE and Congress entries combined. One (1) judge for every two LD entries. One (1) judge for every two PFD team entries. One (1) judge for each TD team entry. COACHES: Do not count yourself in your judge quota as we must be able to use you where needed! Judges should be cross-trained.


Registration for the tournament:

(opens 12/14/18 – http://fgccfljan.tabroom.com)


Go to Tabroom.com. Click on FGCCFL circuit. Be sure to register for the correct tournament. Registration must be submitted online by the school’s coach only. Registration will not be accepted once registration is closed or by any other means other than Tabroom unless directed to do so. Pay attention to your school registration for students, judges in correct pools, and total lunch orders. Tabroom registration will close at 9 PM on the Monday of the tournament week (21 January). Please have registration confirmed before registering the team on Tabroom.

Please note: The Executive Committee will levy additional tournament fees of $25.00 for any dropped entry on the tournament day, a dropped entry not declared before the start of the first round, and for each missing judge. All changes made after the close of registration, but before tournament day must be reported to Paul Jannereth at <pjannereth@carrollwooddayschool.org>. Schools will forfeit registration fees for all drops after close of online registration.


Tournament Day Registration: 7:30 – 8:00 in the Media Center Office. Only the team coach or principal approved designee should proceed through the registration line.  Students should report to the Cafeteria. Judges should report to the Media Center.

Congress Rules:

Every school entering Student Congress MUST supply at least one (1) and at most six (6) pieces of satisfactory legislation.  All legislation must be written using the templates on the FGCCFL website and uploaded to Tabroom.com by 9:00 p.m. on the THURSDAY prior to tournament week (17 January). Late, frivolous, stale, recycled, or unsatisfactory legislation will not be considered. The legislative docket will be published on FRIDAY evening (18 January), allowing students a week to prepare.

RECOMMENDED: Coaches who would like Josh Schneider to review their students’ legislation before it is submitted may e-mail it to <joshschneider@me.com> in Microsoft Word format no later than the MONDAY (14 January) prior to tournament week. USE the templates.