Ivy Street Round Robin

2019 — Atlanta, GA/US


Invitations for the 2019 Ivy Street Round Robin which precedes the Barkley Forum for High Schools have been sent out and the field will be announced by December 15th, 2018.  All rounds this year will be held on the Marist School campus.

Unlike other round robins, there will be no pods - meaning you will debate every team in the round robin.  Each round will feature 2 judges and it is always our goal that you will never have a judge more than once.  

For as much as Marist School's Speech & Debate Program values quality debates, we also value delicious food and believe in fostering a fun environment for your students to excel.  We will provide some of Atlanta's finest food for your meals during the round robin for all judges and competitors. 

Thank you,

Jeffrey Miller
Director of Speech & Debate

Abby Schirmer
Associate Director of Debate