Demon Invitational

2018 — Golden, CO/US



Saturday, November 10

Please join us on November 10 for the Golden Demon Invitational Tournament (and Tammie’s 55th birthday bash!).


Events:  LD (Nov/Dec topic), PF (Nov topic), CX (single division – see below), OO, Informative, National Extemp, International Extemp, Duo, Drama, Humor, POI and Poetry.  Registration will be through   The extemps might be collapsed if there are not enough entries, though students will be allowed to choose from national-only topics or international-only topics. OO and Informative may be collapsed if there are not enough entries; judges will be told students will be allowed to use visual aids.   We will follow CHSAA rules regarding times, electronic retrieval, ballots, etc.


Special Note about CX:  We will have only one division of CX debate, but that open division will use the JV restrictions.  More experienced debaters are welcome in this division, but they must abide by the JV restrictions:

  • No counterplans
  • No kritiks
  • Affirmative limits:  A pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants; expansion of H-1B visas for skilled workers; lifting the Trump travel ban; or changing the DREAM Act.
  • (Students who would like to debate the broader options in CX are encouraged to consider competing at George Washington that weekend)


Entries:  At this point, you may pre-register up to 4 per event.  If you’d like more, please indicate the desired number to be waitlisted on or email Tammie at  When we get closer to the date, we will determine if we can accept more.  We will close the tournament when we have filled our 45 rooms (2 waves).   No doubling. 


Entry Fees:  Fees will be $9.50 per student (that’s $19 per PF, CX, and Duo team).  Send money to Golden High School, attn Tammie Peters, 701 24th Street, Golden, CO  80401.  Fees will be based on preregistration numbers as of Saturday, November 4.

Jeffco schools:  Put Demon Invite on information line and send to account # SRO 30 451000 75000 1622.


Structure of Tournament:   We will register from 7:00am to 7:30am.  We hope to start first round at 8:00am.  This tournament will be run in 2 waves, but the exact events in each wave will be determined once we have all the preregistration in.  There will be 3 prelims and finals for all events.  Debate rounds will be power-matched.  If we have enough judges, we will have a final round for all undefeated debaters (though there might only be single judge).  We hope to have awards about 8:00pm.


Food/Concessions:  Food will be provided for adults.  There will be a standard concession stand for students.


Judging:  Please feel free to bring judges with you.  All coaches will be asked to judge in order to keep the tournament running as smoothly as possible and to give the students the benefit of your knowledge.  If you plan to bring volunteer judges who will donate their judge fees to your entry fees, you might want to wait to request your check until after the tournament so those donated rounds can be calculated for you.


Tabulation/Ballots: The tab room will be closed. A second tab will be run to assure accuracy. The ballot room will be open to coaches after the final preliminary round has started.


Smoking on Campus:   Please let your students know that it is illegal in the city of Golden for kids under the age of 18 to be in possession of tobacco products.  If they are caught smoking (on campus, in cars, etc.), they may be ticketed by the city of Golden.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tammie at or call her cell phone:  720-320-7865.