GGSA Debate 1

2018 — San Francisco, CA/US

The first GGSA Debate Tournament of the year, featuring competition in Policy, LD, and PF debate formats will be hosted by Lowell High School in San Francisco on October 6. Lowell is located here.


Entries are due by 5:00 PM on Friday the 28th of September. Drops made by Wednesday the 3rd will only pay half of the entry fee. After that point they will pay the full entry fee.


If you have not already completed and turned in your school's waiver form, you must do so in order to compete. The form can be downloaded from the navigation bar on the right.


Please see the details on the page linked in the righthand navigation bar.


*All judges must be entered on tabroom.

*All judges must have tabroom accounts with cell phone numbers and email addresses.

*When you enter your judges, be sure that you do so using the same email address that they use for their tabroom account. 

*Make sure that all judges know the email address and password for their tabroom account. This is sometimes a problem when coaches or students create a tabroom account for a parent judge.

*Please instruct all judges to bring a fully charged device to use to complete their ballots. They can bring a laptop, tablet, or smart phone. The first two are better because they are easier to use, but it is still possible to use a smart phone.

*Judges who want to get more information about the events and judging in general can watch CHSSA judging videos here:   and by reviewing the event information and overview PDF located on the main page.  Printed copies will be available Saturday morning.


You must check in by 8:00 AM to register your team on the morning of the tournament.