ONW Novice Classic

2018 — Olathe, KS/US

The ONW Novice Classic will be a five-round, one-day tournament on Saturday, November 3. We plan to run all tournament functions through Tabroom, so please be patient as I work through learning these processes.

This is a "limited services" tournament with no hospitality room. There will be a concession stand.

Entry fees are $3 per novice entry. All teams who finish 4-1 or better will receive medals from the Drawer of Mystery.

Schools are asked to bring 1 judge per every 2 entries. Judges may be advanced debaters who meet the criteria to judge of EITHER the KSHSAA (third or fourth year in competitive debate) or the NSDA (non-novice with 150 NSDA points in policy debate). If you don't have enough judges, please DO go ahead and enter what you want. I have a lot more judges than I need to cover my entry, and other folks may be in the same boat.

While I support the novice case list for the first two months of the season, this tournament will NOT adhere to those case limits.

Please enter all names for both competitors and judges here on Tabroom. If you need assistance I can manually input most of that for you; just shoot me an email at eskoglundonw@olatheschools.org.

Planned schedule:

Round 1 - 8:00 AM
Round 2 - 9:30 AM
Round 3 - 11:00 AM
Round 4 - 1:30 PM
Round 5 - 3:00 PM