ND JVNovice Scrimmage

2018 — CA/US

Welcome the to ND Scrimmage for novice and JV debaters!

There are evidence restrictions for the novice division, but none for the JV one.  The novice division may run either the Open Borders or the High Skilled Immigrants affirmative in the NDCA novice packet. On the Negative, teams may run case arguments from the NDCA novice packet neg's to these two affirmatives, the Base DA, the Wages DA, and/or the T file that is attached. 

Because this is a scrimmage, please note that some judges may be judging teams from their own school. This event is about helping students understand policy debate and judges may need to occasionally help students gain confidence and improve their arguments. While there will be decisions given, it is critical that all debaters receive constructive criticism as well as encouraging feedback so they can grow. There is a mandatory meeting with all competitors and judges, but there is a expectation that coaches have also talked to judges separately to ensure they behave in an appropriate manner to help the younger students. 

*Please note this scrimmage is only open to coaches who have been contacted to participate in this small scrimmage event.