The Okoboji Invite

2018 — Milford, IA/US

Dear Debate Colleagues,


The Okoboji Debate coaches, team, and district cordially invite you to the Okoboji Invitational tournament November 16-17. Before getting too far into this page, please know that I am new to the use of Tabroom and hope I have set things up correctly. Please email me if you have any questions about the tournament, if there is an issue getting registered, or if there is a recommendation as to what I can do to make Tabroom work better for this tournament and ones in the future.


Competition in speech events will occur on Friday, November 16. The events will compete 4:30 pm through 9:00 pm.


Competition for debate will occur Saturday, November 17, from 9:00 am through 7:00 pm (hopefully earlier). Debaters will be able to compete in LD, PF, or Congress. We would like to have separate divisions of novice and varsity in each category depending upon the numbers signed up.


The following list will be the categories of speech and the awards being given:

Program Oral Interpretation:  1st -- 3rd*

Extemporaneous Speaking:  1st -- 3rd

Interpretation - Humorous:  1st -- 3rd*

Interpretation - Dramatic:  1st -- 3rd*

Interpretation - Duo:  1st -- 3rd*

*may be placed in same category based upon numbers


Debate categories and awards:

Varsity LD:  1st -- 6th

Novice LD:  1st -- 6th

Varsity PF:  1st -- 6th

Novice PF:  1st -- 6th

Varsity Congress:  1st -- 6th

Novice Congress:  1st -- 6th

We will have awards for the top 5 speakers in each level and category.


If we do not have enough entries to run varsity and novice in the debate categories, we will run a combined pool and break the awards down appropriately.


Entry Fees:

Speech Events:   $6 per person in individual events

$12 per Duo entry

Debate Events: $12 per individual entry

$24 per team in Public Forum


Judging Fees:

As everyone knows, judges can be difficult to find. Because we are in a rural community, judges are difficult to find. Please try to find the needed judges for your entry requirements.

PF:  1 judge for every two teams entered ($125 for a judge)

LD:  1 judge for every two individuals entered ($150 for a judge)

Congress:  1 judge for every 5 entries ($125 for a judge)

Speech:  1 judge for every 5 entries ($60 for a judge)


If you are unable to find judges, please let me know as soon as possible in order to try to find the needed number of judges.


Legislation for Congress:

Please email bills to me ( in a PDF form or in the form of a google document. Bills will be due by 5:00 pm on Thursday, November 8. The collection of bills will then be organized and sent by the morning of Monday, November 12.


If too few bills are submitted, we will use bills found on the NSDA website.


Concessions will be available, and we will have a coaches/judges lounge. We will try to have a variety of foods available for supper on Friday, breakfast and lunch on Saturday, and snacks for both days.


Please email me, Troy Greiner, if you have any questions:


Thank you.


Troy Greiner

Okoboji High School

Debate Coach