CDA State Finals

2019 — Redding, CT, CT/US

The Connecticut Debate Association will hold its State Finals competition on March 23 at Joel Barlow High School in Redding, CT.  Registration open March 11 at 8AM.

We invite students of CDA member schools who have qualified for State Finals at one of our earlier regular tournaments this year to register for this event.  Each CDA Coach has been sent a list of students on their team who qualified, and information on how to form teams.  Teams should be registered as either Varsity or Novice as they would be for any tournament, and each school should also register sufficient Judges.  

We also welcome Observers from all CDA member schools, whether or not that school has qualifying debaters.  We will provide resolution packages for registered Observers so they can work on the resolution and attend the debates.

More information is available in the full Invitations, which may be downloaded at right.

Questions or comments please email us.

Note:  the Connecticut Debate Association is the primary high school debate league in the State.  Tournaments are open to member schools.  If you are interested in joining the CDA, please email us.