CDA Novice Scrimmage

2018 — CT/US

On behalf of the Connecticut Debate Association, the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering and Greenwich High School, you are invited to our ninth annual Novice Scrimage on September 29.  

The event allows Novice debaters to learn the CDA format.  We start by introducing the topic, followed by a demonstration debate, case preparation and two rounds of practice debate.  

Varsity debaters are invited to judge the Novice rounds, and receive the same judge orientation given at regular CDA tournaments.

Registration is open Tuesday, September 18 at 8AM.  Teams in Fairfield County will likely attend the event at Greenwich High School.  We ask all others to register at Aerospace.

Questions or comments email 


Note:  CDA events are primarily for CDA members, but we encourage participation by those considering joining our league.  Please email us for more information.