Rosemount Irish Invitational

2018 — Rosemount, MN/US

Rosemount is pleased to welcome you to our annual invitational tournament.  With luck, construction on our building and parking lot will be finished before you arrive.  

New this year will be the use of Rosemount Middle School as our second site.  We haven't yet decided which divisions will be competing there, so look for updates as the tournament day approaches.  Rosemount Middle is just up the hill from Rosemount Senior High, on the other side of our parking lot and tennis courts.  

We will offer competition in policy, LD, public forum, and congressional debate.  The entire coaching staff at Rosemount looks forward to you joining us on Saturday, Sept. 29.  

9/16 Update:  Congress legislation is posted, link is on the sidebar on this main page.  We will randomly select three items for the final session.  

9/17 Update:  At the moment, we are planning to offer only one division of novice policy, and it will be a packet-limited division.  Please contact Cort if you are considering entering novice policy and that configuration poses issues for you.  



7:30 am     Registration opens

8:30 am     Judges' meeting (high school judges lounge area)

8:45 am     LD/PF round 1

9:00 am     Policy round 1, Congress session 1 (to 11:30)

10:00 am   LD/PF round 2

11:00 am   Policy round 2, LD/PF round 3 (lunch break follows)

11:30 am   Congress session 1 ends (lunch break follows)

12:15 pm   Congress session 2

12:45 pm   LD/PF round 4

1:30 pm     Policy round 3

2:00 pm     LD/PF round 5, congress super session (to 4 pm)

4:30 pm     Awards (high school cafeteria)