Flint Hills After School DB8 at Shawnee Hts

2018 — Topeka, KS/US

This year's Flint Hills After School Tournaments are scheduled to take place as follows:


Shawnee Heights, Tuesday, October 30 * date change

Highland Park, Wednesday, November 7

Topeka High, Tuesday, November 13

Washburn Rural #1, Tuesday, November 27

The only parameters for participation in one or more of these tournaments is that you enter two-person teams, all teams are composed of novice debaters (i.e. debaters in their first year of competition), and that you provide 1 judge (or 1 panel of 3 judges) for every two teams, or fraction thereof.

Registration will take place through Tabroom.com.  In order to enter the tournament, you will need a Tabroom.com account AND each debater's name must appear on the list of names associated with your NSDA Chapter. 

No awards will be distributed at the conclusion of each after school tournament.  Coaches are responsible for entering their own debaters' NSDA points.

Steven Davis, Washburn Rural Assistant, will be the series administer, but specific questions about any of the tournaments should be directed to the Director of Debate of the tournament(s) you are interested in attending, or Dustin Rimmey, Topeka High, NSDA Flint Hills District Chair.

If you have problems, or questions, with respect to Tabroom.com, please contact Steven Davis at davisste@usd437.net.


Division: Novice Policy Debate

Entry requires 2 debaters on each team.  If an unavoidable last minute emergency occurs, every effort will be made to allow "mavericks" to participate, but schools should do everything possible to insure that teams entered will be composed of 2 debaters.

Round Format

Each round is scheduled for 55 minutes.  Teams should come to this practice tournament PREPARED to give shortened speeches.  The following in-round times will be in effect: 

1AC 8 min, CX 2 min

1NC 6 min, CX 2 min

2AC 6 min, CX 2 min

2NC 6 min, CX 2 min

1NR 4 min

1AR 4 min

2NR 4 min

2AR 4 min

Prep Time AFF 3 min, Prep Time NEG 3 min


FINAL CHECK IN at the site by 3:45 pm

Rd. 1 at 4:00 - 4:55 pm

Rd. 2 at 5:05 - 6:00 pm

Rd. 3 at 6:10 - 7:05 pm 

In order to complete all three rounds in a timely manner, it is imperative that judges enforce time restrictions.  Rounds that start late, MUST still end at the scheduled time.  Speeches will just have to be even shorter.

To the extent possible, Rounds 1-2 will be scheduled randomly.  Round 3 will be powered Hi vs Hi off of Round 1 results.


Each participating school should make every effort to provide 1 judge for every 2 teams, or fraction thereof, entered.  If a school has difficulty meeting its judge obligations, the school should contact Dustin Rimmey or Steven Davis no later than the morning of the tournament for assistance.


Registration for each tournament will “open” the Friday before the scheduled tournament.

Head Coaches should complete their initial tournament registration by 4 PM, the day before the scheduled tournament. This registration is very important so that the host school might make appropriate arrangements for the number of classrooms needed to host the tournament.

Final Registration should be completed prior to the school's departure from its school on the day of the scheduled tournament. This should be completed online and include all final names for debaters entered, team assignments, and judges first and last names.

1. Teams must be registered by debaters first and last names.  

2.  Individual judges (each judge will judge a separate debate) should be registered by his/her first and last name.

3.  If the registering school would like to register judges for panels, please do so as follows:

  A.  Register each judge by first and last name.  In the "Coaches Notes", Indicate Panel A, B, C, etc.  You should have 3 judges listed in each panel.

  B.  Panels will remain together throughout the three rounds.

  C.  Each judge on a panel will receive a Tabroom.com generated ballot with his/her identification use as "name".  

  D.  When judges are assigned to rounds, this panel should remain together for all three assigned rounds.  

  E.  Individual judges should NOT switch ballots with a judge from/on another panel.

Final check-in must be completed by 3:45 pm the day of the tournament. In that the final registration is completed prior to departure for the tournament, there should be NO LAST MINUTE ADJUSTMENTS REQUIRED upon arrival at the tournament site.


Consult the "Custom Page" that addresses this year's agreed upon Novice Affirmative case areas.

At the yearly meeting of Flint Hills coaches in August , it was decided that this year's case area limitations would be used in ALL Flint Hills After School tournaments this year.