Georgetown Public Forum Tournament

2018 — Washington, US


Welcome to the site for the October 6-7, 2018 Georgetown Public Forum and Online OO tournament.

We offer Public Forum -- Varsity, JV (second year of debate, any grade), Novice (very first year in debate), and Middle School -- anyone in grades 6-8.

We are also offering online competition for OO.

Entry Fees

- $140/PF Entry (we will provide regular trophies for each competitor who advanced to the octofinals or better and/or receives a speaker award)

-- $125/online OO  (includes judging) 

- $75 School Fee (there is no school fee if you are teams is only competing in online events)

- $150/entry judge fee (all events except online events where judging is included)

- Fees for online competition must be paid by September 15th.

Public Forum is a FINALS Gold TOC bid and a SEMIFINALS Silver Bid


*PF Schedule

The PF tab will be directed by Stefan Bauschard

Saturday -- All Prelims (October 6)

8am - R1

10am- R2

12:30 -- R3

3pm -- R4

5:15 -- R5

7:30 -- R6

We WILL run on time. We did in 2015, 2016, 2017.

Sunday -- Elims

8am -- Doubles (double flighted) [all 4-2s, up to 32 teams]

10:30 -- Octos (double flighted)

1pm -- quarters (single flighted)

2:30 -- semis (single flighted)

4 -- finals (single flighted)

We anticipate partial doubles in all events.






I am currently working on the tournament hotel