The Jesuit Gonzaga University

2018 — WA/US

The Jesuit Debates Invitation

Gonzaga University

October 27th – 29th, 2018


Dear Colleagues,

Gonzaga University cordially extends you an invitation to attend the 2018 Jesuit Debates (“The Jesuit”) hosted on our campus in Spokane, Washington.  The tournament will be held on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, October 27th -29th, 2018. 

Costume Contest

We will also continue tradition of the Harvard Costume Contest.  

We will continue to offer 8 preliminary debates (clearing to an appropriate # of elimination rounds).



Entries will be managed through the website.  We have not put any cap on the # of teams a school can bring and we will accept entries until we are full. Currently we have space for up to 90 teams.  If we fill up you can put your teams on the waitlist and we’ll let them in as openings come available prioritizing programs that do not yet have a team entered.

To finalize your entry do the following on by NOON October 22nd, 2018:

(a) Double check the teams entered

(b) Make sure your judges are entered along with number of rounds.

(c) All judges must have a philosophy entered at Make sure each one does

(d) Enter the TOTAL NUMBER in your party (all debaters, judges and observers, scouts, hangers on)

(e) Make sure all attendees’ dietary preferences are in the system

(f) Double check your school's contact info at



Fees for the tournament will be $80 per person attending the tournament.  The team charges will cover security and cleaning costs, hotel fees, two lunches, one dinner, two light breakfasts, quality awards, and a dessert reception prior to Awards Ceremony.

Fees can be paid in advance with credit card on the universities secure online site. This is our preferred method of receiving payment. To pay online please go to:     and click on the “Jesuit” link. A receipt will be autogenerated and emailed to you when payment is made.

If you are paying by check please make payable to: Gonzaga University Debate.

If you have to pay with a purchase order please try to provide that information as far in advance as humanly possible.

All fees will be calculated on October 24th, 2018 at NOON PST.  Your school will be responsible for all people listed as of that time. Drops are official ONLY if confirmed at the official tournament web site. 


Our tournament hotel is the The Centennial Hotel (same hotel we’ve used the past couple years – hotel formerly known as Red Lion Hotel at the Park under new ownership). It’s a beautiful hotel located on the Spokane River adjacent to the park and downtown. There is a walking path along the river directly behind the hotel . The flat rate for doubles or King is $105 per night. Some perks of the tournament hotel:

-    New and beautifully renovated hotel with all the amenities located on the River next to Riverfront Park and downtown. Lots of great restaurants and bars.

-    Only a 10-15 minute walk from hotel to campus along the river walking path.  If you are looking to save a few $$ you really can do our tournament without a vehicle.

-    Complimentary shuttle to/from airport.

-    Complimentary shuttle to/from campus (or anywhere within 2 miles of hotel) if you prefer not to walk.

-    Complimentary internet. Pro-tip – If you join their rewards program you will get free upgraded/faster internet.

-    See more of the hotel here:

The cut-off date is September 15th, 2018 at 5:00 pm PT. The hotel is likely to fill up and they have not agreed to hold rooms past this date, so please make your reservations in a timely manner.  If you have overbooked rooms, please first check with other tournament participants as to whether someone else can use the room(s).  If you will not be using the rooms, please let the hotel know that as soon as possible so that they have an opportunity to sell them. 

At the hotel, wireless access will be available to guests of the hotel and to all participants in the conference rooms used for competition.

RESERVING ROOMS: You can reserve rooms at the Centennial Hotel online here:


Or call the Centennial at 636.736.4071 and provide them with the group code GONZ1010

If you have any trouble with reservations please contact Angela Mercado, Sales Manager, at 509.755.6644


We are also reserving a small block of rooms at the Courtyard Marriott (also very close to campus and downtown) for the die-hard Marriott junkies. We will be posting that link soon.



You can access Spokane easily by air via Spokane International Airport (GEG).  The travel time from the airport to the tournament hotel is 10-15 minutes.

Transportation from the airport to the hotel is provided complimentary for guests of The Centennial Hotel. Uber and Lyft service the Spokane airport. They will also transport you anywhere within a 2 mile radius of the hotel (includes campus and all downtown locations)

Campus map:

Campus Parking Map:


Preliminary debates will be held on campus in the Gonzaga University buildings and all elimination rounds will be at the Centennial Hotel

Hybrid entries are welcome and eligible to clear.

The tournament will feature 8 preliminary rounds of two-person, switch-sides, cross-examination debate on the national topic in the standard 9-3-6 format. 

The topic for debates will be the 2018-2019 executive power resolution [,7310.msg15835.html#msg15835].

All teams with a winning record will clear up to a full doubles (32 teams).

Courtesy demands, and we insist, that rounds start and be adjudicated punctually. 

Each team must be accompanied by a qualified judge who must agree to decide all assigned debates within the scheduled decision times, rendering a decision with one winner and one loser.  In early prelims, the schedule will require that explanations be completed within this time frame as well. 

Brackets will not be broken and sides will not be equalized.

Flipping for sides in elimination rounds:  at least one representative for both teams must be present to flip for sides and declare their decision at least 30 minutes before the scheduled starting time of an elimination debate or by a flip time published by the tabroom.  If a representative is not present to flip and declare a side, that team forfeits their right to flip and the team that is present gets to declare sides for the debate. 

Gonzaga teams may compete in the tournament; they are eligible to receive speaker awards and to compete in elimination rounds, judge assignments for Gonzaga teams will be assigned by the computer and changed only by the option of an external tab room manager.

Participating teams and schools are expected to contribute to and should provide their most recent affirmative and negative information by the Tuesday before the tournament at latest.


Preference System

We will use an ordinal judge rating system and place judges on the basis of their percentile scores.  Our goal will be to place judges in the top 60th percentile and with a mutuality of 40 percentile points in all debates that involve teams with fewer than 4 losses.  Depending on the number of excess rounds of judging available, this may not be possible in all instances, but we expect to hit this target in the overwhelming number of judge placements. No team regardless of record will receive any judge in the bottom 20th percentile of their rankings. In elimination rounds we will continue to use 3 judge panels although we reserve the right to expand panels to 5 judges depending on judge availability.

The CEDA rules states: “The preference system must include a method to affirmatively place racial minorities in judging assignments.”   The ADA rule states: “Judges should never be subjectively evaluated by tournament directors for preclusion from teams or divisions, for mutual preference or for judge placement.”  Judges with a minority racial identity are encouraged to opt-in.  We believe that allowing judges to opt-in for diversity meets this rule and that the only information a tab room is allowed to consider is whether a judge has opted-in.  You may opt-in on and we request that you confirm your opt-in decision by sending an email to  Judges who opt-in for diversity will (a) be placed first when open division is paired and (b) be placed first in elimination rounds.  In both instances, diversity-enhancing judges will need to meet the 55/35 criteria to be placed.

As a normative practice we encourage teams to prefer a diverse pool of judges including those that you might not normally see in the back of your rounds.


Obligation. Judges are obligated for 4 prelims per team and the first elimination debate, and one round beyond the elimination of the last team from their school.  If you choose to hire your judges from the ranks of persons not currently coaching at your school, those hired judges must be approved in advance by the tournament director. This discretion will be employed solely to avoid unassignable judges who unduly degrade mutual preference judging.


Constraints.  Judges and students should enter constraints under the following circumstances:  if you are former college or high school debate colleagues, if there is a former students/coach professional relationship or a non-platonic personal relationship, if the judge has a substantial fiduciary relationship with the school, and if the student/judge have been parties to a harassment complaint filed with one their respective universities, CEDA, or other entity charged with resolving those and similar grievances. If there are other reasons you feel you would not want a person judging you (for argumentative or ideological differences for example) place them in your bottom 20% rather than constrain them. Even in “out of it” debates you will not get a judge below that floor.

Judge Placeability.  We expect that schools will enter judges that can fulfill their commitment under an MPJ system. If the tabroom is unable to place affiliated judges we will default to using higher preferred judges from that school even if they have already fulfilled their commitment. If a school has hired a tournament approved judge through the hiring exchange and that judge becomes tough to place and unable to fulfill their commitment the tournament will cover those extra rounds rather than putting the burden on the hiring school.

Please note that once a judge is placed by the tournament participants/observers or judges may not alter that assignment. If there is a mistake (we placed a constrained judge, etc) please bring it to the tabrooms attention immediately for correction. 


Please respect the GU community. You are guests on our campus so we ask that you respect the people and facilities. There will be administrative personnel and GU faculty in the buildings we are debating in. We would ask that you respect their work by keeping the volume to a reasonable level in competition rooms and common areas.

Gender neutral restrooms can be found in several places on campus. The following link will take you to the map.

Quite Rooms:  TBA

Internet access will be provided on campus. We will have login credentials for each school that will allow them to access the Gonzaga Commmunity Network. Guests may also access the Gonzaga Guest Network without network credentials.

Smoking, including use of electronic cigarettes, is not allowed in any Gonzaga facility, including residence halls, or within twenty-five (25) feet of entrances, exits, windows and ventilation intakes that serve an enclosed area.

It is a violation of Gonzaga policy to use, possess, or distribute any drug or controlled substance.

As per federal law, possession, use or distribution of marijuana and cannabis products are not allowed on campus. Marijuana is legal in the state of Washington so feel free to exercise your new found freedoms while visiting our state, but please keep it off campus as we must comply with federal law.


All rounds (defined as the speeches of the participants) are open to registered tournament participants and may be electronically recorded for private educational use by tournament participants (registered coaches, debaters and helpers, and UMW tournament staff) only. Public distribution of such recordings is expressly prohibited unless prior written consent of all people on the recording is obtained and unless prior written consent of the University of Mary Washington is obtained.


All participants debate at the invitation of the Gonzaga University and according to its university policies and tournament rules, as well as any rules of their sponsoring institutions. The tournament abides by the rules and norms of the American Forensics Association and the American Debate Association.


Saturday, October 27th, 2018

7am: Pairings Released

8am: Round 1 (10:30am decision time)

11am: Round 2 (1:30 decision time)

1:15pm: Lunch Served at the hospitality tent located at the east end of College Hall.

2:15pm: Round 3 (4:45pm decision time)

4:30pm: Dinner served at the hospitality tent located at the east end of College Hall.

5:30pm: Round 4 (8:00pm decision time)

Sunday, October 28th, 2017

8am: Round 5 (10:30am decision time)

11:15am: Round 6 (1:45 decision time)

1:30pm: Lunch Served at the hospitality tent located at the east end of College Hall.

2:30pm: Round 7 (5pm decision time)

5:45pm: Round 8 (8:15pm decision time)

9:15pm: Reception and Speaker Awards at Hotel (Awards will begin around 9:45 and we should be finished by 10:15)

Monday, October 29th, 2017

7am: Pairings released

8am: First Elim Begins





Champion                                           Ayush Midha & Hemanth Sanjeev - Harvard

Runner Up                                          Charles Athanasopoulos & Rayvon Dean – Wake Forest University

Semi Finalist                                       Smith & Nicolas Juarez  - University of Oklahoma

Semi Finalist                                       Rohit Asirvatham & Teja Leburu – University of Minnesota

Top Speaker                                       Charles AthanasopoulosWake Forest University

Second Speaker                                               Quaram Robinson - University of Kansas



Champion                                           Jacob Hegna & Henry Walter - University of Kansas

Runner Up                                          Ayush Midha & Hemanth Sanjeev - Harvard

Semi Finalist                                       Darius White & Nicolas Juarez  - University of Oklahoma

Semi Finalist                                       Chris Birzer & Mac Cook - University of Kansas

Top Speaker                                       Viveth Karthikeyan - Emory University

Second Speaker                               Quaram Robinson - University of Kansas









Champion                                           Matea Ivanovich & Kendra Doty – Idaho State

Runner Up                                          Alex Velto & Christian Rodriquez – UNLV

Semi Finalist                                       Andrew Durand & Sean Mulloy – Whitman College

Semi Finalist                                       Evan Jones & Jeremiah Worrell – UMKC

Top Speaker                                       Matea Ivanovich – Idaho State

Second Speaker                               Alex Velto – UNLV



Champion                                           Christian Bato & Alex Velto - UNLV

Second Place                                     Marvin Carter & Lee Thatch - CSU Fullerton

Semi Finalist                                       Alex Bonnet & Peter Sadowksi - UMKC

Semi Finalist                                       Mary Marcum & Amy Pauli - Wyoming

Top Speaker                                       Marvin Carter - CSU Fullerton

Second Speaker                               Matt Gomez - Weber State



Champion                                           Andres Gannon & Sarah Weiner – Cal

Second Place                                     Michael Ely & Derek Liles – UTSA

Semi Finalist                                       Blake Hallinan & Derek Ziegler – Kansas State

Semi Finalist                                       Marvin Carter & Jim Sydnor – CSU Fullerton

Top Speaker                       Sarah Weiner – Cal

Second Speaker                               Andres Gannon – Cal



Champion                                           Beth Mendenhall & Derek Ziegler - Kansas State

Second Place                                     Tony Johnson & Matea Ivanovich - Idaho State

Semi Finalist                                       Leah Moczuslki & Paul Kanellopoulos - Gonzaga

Semi Finalist                                       Jordan Blumenthal & Zane Waxman - Northwestern

Top Speaker                                       Beth Mendenhall - Kansas State

Second Speaker                               Drew McNeil - Texas



Champion                                           Matt Fisher & Stephanie Spies – Northwestern

Second Place                                     Jacob Polin & Kathy Bowen – Cal

Semi Finalist                                       Nate Cohn & Daniel Strauss – Whitman

Semi Finalist                                       James Brockway & Rahul Jaswa – Cal

Top Speaker                                       Matt Fisher – Northwestern

Second Speaker                               Nate Cohn – Whitman



Champion                                          Mike Jones & Mima Lazaravic – USC

Second Place                                     Mike Burshteyn & Jacob Polin – Cal

Semi Finalist                                       John Warden & Matt Fisher – Northwestern

Semi Finalist                                       James Brockway & Rahul Jaswa – Cal

Top Speaker                                       Mike Burshteyn – Cal

Second Speaker                               Matt Fisher – Northwestern



Champion                                           Cade Olson & Josh Kernoff – Dartmouth

Second Place                                     Mike Jones & Chris Jones – USC

Semi Finalist                                      Luis Magellan & Caitlin Gray – CSU Fullerton

Semi Finalist                                       Mike Smith & Mima Lazaravic – USC

Top Speaker                                       Cade Olson – Dartmouth

Second Speaker                               Mike Burshteyn – Cal



Champion                                           Mike Burshteyn &  Reid Shannon – Cal

Second Place                                     Matt Schissler &  Ross Richendrfer – Whitman

Semi Finalist                                       Jessica Yeats & Nichelle Klosterboer – ISU

Semi Finalist                                       Alex Iftimi & Mike Smith – USC

Top Speaker                                       Alex Iftimie – USC

Second Speaker                               Mike Burshteyn – Cal



Champion                                           Eric Suni & Matt Schissler – Whitman

Second Place                                     Mike Burshteyn & Craig Wickersham – Cal

Semi Finalist                                       Izak Dunn &  Jessica Yeats – Idaho State

Semi Finalist                                       Nick Lin &  Reid Shannon – Cal

Top Speaker                                       Craig Wickersham – Cal

Second Speaker                               Eric Suni – Whitman



Co-Champions                                  Stacy Nathan &  Craig Wickersham – Cal

Co-Champions                                  Guarav Reddy &  Reid Shannon – Cal

Semi Finalist                                       Eric Suni &  Beth Schueller – Whitman

Semi Finalist                                       Joe Koehle & James Thomas – West Georgia

Top Speaker                                       Guarav Reddy – Cal

Second Speaker                               Reid Shannon – Cal



Co-Champ                                           Stacy Nathan & Reid Shannon – Cal

Co-Champ                                           Dan Shalmon & Tejinder Singh – Cal

Semi Finalist                                       Eric Suni & Beth Schueller – Whitman

Semi Finalist                                       Teddy Albiniak & Orion Steele – Redlands

Top Speaker                                       Tejinder Singh – Cal

Second Speaker                               Dan Shalmon – Cal






Champion                           John Sullivan & Erik Cornellier – Michigan State

Second Place                                     Hajir Ardebili & Drew Franz – Kansas

Top Speaker                                       John Sullivan – Michigan State

Second Speaker                               Hajir Ardebili – Kansas



Champion                           John Sullivan & Erik Cornellier – Michigan State

Second Place                                     Ty Smith & Danny Whitaker – Weber State

Top Speaker                                       Ty Smith – Weber State

Second Speaker                               Danny Whitaker – Weber State



Champion                                           John Sullivan & Biz Repko – Michigan State                                                         

Second Place                                     Monte Stevens & Erik Jenkins – UMKC

Top Speaker                                       Elizabeth Repko – Michigan State

Second Speaker                               Jethro Hayman – Vermont



Champion                                           Greg Hopper & Brad Thompson – Southwest Missouri MS                           

Second Place                                     Elizabeth Repko & John Sullivan – Michigan State             

Top Speaker                                       Elizabeth Repko – Michigan State            

Second Speaker                               Brad Thompson – SMS



Champion                                           Dave Devereaux & Lincoln Houde – KState                                                         

Second Place                                     Jason Foote & Sean Lemoine – NW LA  

Top Speaker                                       Greg Achten – Emporia State    

Second Speaker                               Dave Deveraux – Kansas State