The Jesuit Gonzaga University

2018 — WA/US

Jesuit Tournament Packet

Tab Info

Our onsite tab room will be in College Hall 1898. This is the small conference room right inside the main front doors of College Hall. 

Glen Frappier, Adrienne Brovero, and David Cram-Helwich will be your onsite tabroom staff, Gary Larson will be running the tabulation remotely. Please note that while Gary is running the tournament on STA the interface for participants in terms of pairings/ballots will all be through tabroom so just go there as you normally would to access those items. 

Building Info

A campus map can be found here:

We will use rooms in College Hall, Herak, Hughes, Paccar, and Rosauer Center.  Please do not use rooms that are not on the pairing. If it is not on the pairing, we likely don't have access to it, or there is another group scheduled to use it. Please check with tabroom before using a room not on the pairing.

Directions to Campus

Note: Sharp Avenue, the main road than runs east - west along the north border of campus has been under construction since July. There is a tentative ribbon cutting ceremony set for Friday. If that happens Sharp will be open and the directions below will be accurate. If it does not open tomorrow I will provide an alternative route.

If you need a ride from the Centennial Hotel to campus you can book the hotel shuttle. They have requested you schedule that the night before. 

If you are a pedestrian from the Centennial Hotel: exit the back of the hotel and walk east along the river path. The path will take you under Division Street, past the River Inn (will be on your left) and then you’ll see campus on your left. Before you get to the Lake (its on campus, can’t miss it) cut north through campus.  Easiest way to find College Hall is to look for the spires on top of the St. Als Church. They have big crosses on them and are difficult to miss. College Hall is located next to St. Als.

If you are driving from the Centennial: turn right out of the hotel parking lot. At the light take a left on Division St.  At the next light take a right onto Sharp.  Turn right on Addison and you’ll be on campus and will see College Hall directly in front of you.

If you are driving from Courtyard Marriott or Fairfield. Take a right onto Division from hotel complex area and cross the river. At the second light take a right onto Sharp.  Turn right on Addison and you’ll be on campus and will see College Hall directly in front of you.

If you are a pedestrian from Courtyard Marriott. Walk across the Division street bridge to cross the river. Immediately after your cross the River take a sharp right as if you were going to go behind the River Inn. You’ll see a little path that leads to the river path (you can see River path when you are crossing the bridge).  The path will take you under Division Street, past the River Inn (will be on your left) and then you’ll see campus on your left. Before you get to the Lake (on campus, to your left) cut north through campus.  Easiest way to find College Hall is to look for the spires on top of the St. Als Church. They have big crosses on them and are difficult to miss. College Hall is located next to St. Als.


The best place on campus to park is the College Hall parking lot on the north side of College Hall.  You do not need a parking pass and security will not ticket you even though it’s a marked lot. Since it’s a weekend there should be plenty of parking available in that space.

Smoking Policy

Not in Buildings (This isn’t the 80s). Gonzaga does not allow smoking (including vaping/e-cigarettes) in any building.

Not Near Entrances (This isn’t the 90s). Washington law requires you stand at least 25 feet from doors or windows when smoking outside.  This means DO NOT smoke on the porches/entryways of the buildings. Please move away from the entrances.

Don’t litter our campus with cigarette butts. Most buildings have outdoor ashtrays around each building. Please use them.

Drugs/Alcohol Policy

Not allowed on campus. While it is true that marijuana is legal in our state, it is not allowed on campus due to restrictions placed on federal funding Gonzaga receives. So feel free to enjoy your freedoms while in our state, just not on campus J

Internet/Network Access

Use the Gonzaga Guest Network. No login information needed. We are also an eduroam campus so that should work for you as well.

Gender Neutral Restrooms

Here is the map of all campus restrooms including those that are designated all gender.


We will be providing lunch and dinner on Saturday, and lunch on Sunday. Saturday we'll be using local food trucks, and on Sunday we'll have Davids Pizza on campus making them fresh in the fire/pizza oven truck. Seriously, don't miss the pizza, its really tasty. 

Andrew Myers is organizing the catering. If you had a dietary preference/restriction listed on tabroom Andrew is the person who has been making sure those requests are honored and will have some clear system in place during meal times to make sure this all comes together.  Also, if you did not have a dietary restriction listed in tabroom please do not take the food put aside for those that did.  

Hospitality Tent

Sometimes you just have to steal a really good idea (thanks Wake!). We will have a hospitality tent set up on the east end of College Hall on the lawn between College Hall and Desmet Hall. This is where we will serve breakfast (both days), lunch (both days) and dinner (Saturday).  You will also be able to get coffee, water, tea, snacks, and even tampons at the hospitality tent throughout the tournament. If you have any preferred snacky treats you don’t see please talk to Emily Luther or Andrew Myers and they’ll do their best to accommodate. Sorry, no pour over coffee L


Do not use any technology in rooms, or remove furniture or items from rooms. Please do not place drinks or food on the technology consoles in any room.

Costume Contest

Yes, it is happening. Wear your costumes on Sunday. There will be an online pool throughout the day where you can go and write in your vote for best costume. Winners announced at the Awards ceremony that night.

Awards Reception on Sunday Night

The Awards Reception will be held on Sunday night.  We will open the reception at 9pm in Ballroom C at the Hotel RL. We’ll serve coffee, beverages, and desserts. There will be a bar (beer/wine) and drink tickets available for guests who are 21. We’ll start the awards around 9:30ish. You should have time between the Round 8 decision time and awards to get dinner. We will keep the awards short and also post the bracket and list of Monday morning judges around the same time. Our hope is to have everything finished by 10:15pm.


Saturday, October 27th, 2018

7am - Pairings Released

8am - Round 1 (10:15am decision time)

11am - Round 2 (1:15pm decision time) - Council of Tournament Directors Meeting

1pm - Lunch serving begins at hospitality tent

2:15pm - Round 3 (4:30pm decision time)

4:15pm - Dinner begins serving at hospitality tent

5:30pm - Round 4 (7:45pm decision time)


Sunday, October 28th, 2018

7am - Pairings Released

8am - Round 5 (10:15am decision time)

11am - Round 6 (1:15pm decision time)

1pm - Lunch serving begins at hospitality tent

2:15pm - Round 7 (4:30pm decision time)

5:30pm - Round 8 (7:45pm decision time)

9:15pm – Awards Reception (Awards will start approximately 9:45)

Monday, October 29th, 2018

7am – Pairings Released

7:20am – Flip deadline

8:00am – Double Octa Finals



On and Off Campus Food/Beverage Options

On Campus

Starbucks  (Hemingson Center). 9am-10pm Sat/Sun.

The Bulldog (Hemingson Center). 12pm-9:30pm Sat/Sun.

The Marketplace (Hemingson Center). 10am-7pm Sat/Sun.


Off campus within walking distance

Pita Pit: 818 E Sharp Ave, (509) 483-7482

Wolfys Diner: 1229 N.Hamilton St. 487-9588

Starbucks: 1310 N Ruby St.

Carusos: 1120 N Division St. 509-868-0585

Pete’s Pizza: 821 E. Sharp 487-9597. Call ahead and place your order or you will be waiting a long time.

The Ultimate Bagel: 1217 B N. Hamilton 487-4630

Froyo Place. 829 E. Boone Ave

Sushi Sakai. 829 E Boone Ave

Bruchis Cheesesteaks. 829 E Boone Ave.

Chipotle: 930 N Division St. (509) 344-276

Wendy’s: 830 N Division St. (509) 328-8885

Blaze Pizza. 926 N Division St

Taco Time:  1310 N. Ruby 327-9076. Corner of Sharp and Ruby. 

Sonic: 1313 N Ruby St.  (509) 328-2222.

Rincon Tapio 1212 N Hamilton. 509-473-9583 

McDonalds. Just opened on Hamilton across from Safeway. Drive through and walk up only (no sit down).

Kim's Korean Restaurant. 1314 North Division Street. (509) 326-3187

Riverview Thai: 1003 E Trent Ave. (2 blocks east of Hamilton) 325-8370

Subway: 1710 N. Hamilton 484-6647

Pho Van.  1210 North Hamilton Street. (509) 483-8136‎.

Sub Division. 1418 N Division St. 509) 328-6727 (

Taste of India: 3110 N. Division 327-7313 (You would actually have to drive there, but it’s the closest Indian food so it had to make the cut on this list).

Solid places to eat in downtown that won’t break the budget

Blackbird Tavern (right next to hotel). 905 N Washington St. (509) 392-4000

Satellite Diner. Downtown. 425 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 624-3952.  Open late night.

O’Doherty’s: 525 W. Spokane Falls Bvld. (509) 747-0322.

Luigis: 245 W. Main St. (509) 624-5226.

Chicken-n-More. 502 W Sprague Ave; 509/838-5071. Soul Food and BBQ.

Chilis. 4750 N. Division. 509-483-7000

PF Changs - 801 W Main Ave. (509) 456-2166

The Onion.  302 West Riverside. 509-747-3852.

Azteca:  200 W Spokane Falls Blvd.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers. 725 W Main. 509-838-5260

Steelhead Grill. 218 N Howard St. (509) 747-1303

Rocky Rococos Pizza. 520 W Main Ave. (509) 747-1000

Queen of Sheba. At the Flour Mill. 621 W Mallon Ave. (509) 328-3958.

Others that are pricier but really good.

Sante Restaurant & Charcuterie. 404 West Main Avenue. (509) 315-4613

Clinkerdaggers. 621 W. Mallon. At The Flour Mill. 509-328-5965

Churchills: 165 S Post St. (509) 474-9888

Anthonys.  510 North Lincoln Street. 328-9009.

Mizuna. 214 N Howard St; 509/747-2004. Great vegetarian restaurant

Spencers for Steaks and Chops.  322 N. Spokane Falls Ct.  744-2372

The Italian Kitchen. 113 N Bernard St; 509/363-1210.

Wild Sage. 916 W 2nd Ave. (509) 456-7575

Luna. 5620 S Perry St. (509) 448-2383. *Not in downtown. Located on South Hill.

Casper Fry. 928 S Perry St. (509) 535-0536. Southern food. *Not in downtown. Located on South Hill.