Middle School TOC hosted by UK

2019 — KY/US

Building Locations


Speech---by Jacob Science Building room 103

Congress/PF/LD/Policy---CB 234


Hospitality/Breakfast for Judges:

CB 231. In the afternoon snacks will be put out on the 2nd floor of CB for all competitors to take as they please.



First floor of Classroom Building, in the hallway. Serving from 11AM to 2PM as a buffet line. No meal tickets or anything, help yourself. Vegetarian food will be on a separate table near by. Ask catering staff for details about vegetarian food.


Congress competition buildings:

1st floor CB


Public Forum competition buildings:

Patterson Hall (PH), Patterson Office Tower (POT), Lucille Little Library (LCLI) 3rd floor


Policy competition buildings:

1st and 2nd floor of CB


Lincoln Douglas competition buildings

2nd and 3rd floor of CB 


Speech competition buildings

1st, 2nd, 3rd floor of Don and Cathy Jacob Science Building (DCJ).



There are three good places to park:

1) Parking garage at 409 South Limestone Street. This has a pedestrian bridge that will put you very close to POT and CB.

2) Parking garage at 301 Hilltop Avenue. This will put you right by Funkhouser and Jacob Science building and is a short walk to Classroom Building.

3) Gatton Student Center parking lot in a non-reserved spot. Going up the hill will put you right by POT and CB. 


Directions from White Hall to Buildings:

Patterson Office Tower---is the big tower right next to White Hall Classroom Building.

Patterson Hall---is north of White Hall CB. Exiting from White Hall it is easiest to cut through the Gatton Student Center, cross Avenue of Champions, walk up Martin Luther King Blvd and go left on on Campus Drive (you should have passed Blazer Hall on your left, that is when you hang left on Campus Drive). Patterson Hall will be on your left. 

Typing in Patterson Hall into a phone GPS also works and will provide walking directions. 

Lucille Little Library---is southeast of White Hall CB. You want to exit the building on the opposite side of the Patterson Office Tower and walking away from the tower LCLI will be the 2nd building on your left.  

Jacob Science Building---is southeast of White hall CB. You want to exit the building on the opposite side of the Patterson Office Tower and walk along the path tilting to the right. Follow that path until you dead end by a building with construction in the parking lot. Take a left at that building until you reach the street. Take a right (in the middle of the street you should see chairs and things). Jacob Science will be the 2nd building on your left.

For speech folks if you start your day at the garage at 301 Hilltop Avenue then Jacob Science will be the next building to your left if you exit on the Rose street side of the garage. 


Internet Instructions


If the above doesn't work you can get to the same PDF here: https://www.uky.edu/wifihelp/guest.html