Cal Parli Invitational

2018 — Berkeley, CA/US

We have posted ballots, speaker awards, and a full packet for all divisions in the Results section.


In the course of doing so, we discovered what appears to be an error in the Tabroom code. The packet contains the round-by-round raw data from the ballots (win/loss, points), as well as the totals. As far as we are aware, the raw data is accurate. The totals, however, are not. Thus, while PPts should be the total points from prelims, and PPts-1 should be total points minus one high/low, Tabroom is calculating those numbers incorrectly. Therefore, the seeding that Tabroom now indicates for the teams is not accurate. Even more bizarre, the totals and seeds listed in the Totals column have changed several time since the tournament ended, and continue to change, even though no data has been entered or edited by a human being since that time.

We have contacted Tabroom support to alert them to this problem.

The breaks on Saturday night accurately reflected the reports that Tabroom generated after all ballots had been entered. At this point, we believe the Saturday night data was more accurate than the totals and seeds that Tabroom is currently generating. If you believe that you were incorrectly omitted from the break because of this software issue, please contact us, and we will correct the results. We regret this issue arising, but again, this appears to be a bug in the Tabroom programming, rather than human error in inputting or reading the results.


Update 10/5/18

Please follow the page "Cal Parli Invitational" on Facebook for resolutions, schedule update, and other announcements.


Parking Info:


Update 10/2/18

Schedule updated. Open will break to partial double octofinals. Novice will break to quarters. JV will break to semis.



Update 9/16/18:

The 2018 Cal Parli Invitational has added a JV division to the tournament, which is now open for registration.


There are now three divisions:

Novice: first year of competition

JV: first or second year of competition

Open: all students are eligible (currently at capacity)


We are tentatively capping the JV division at 30 teams total, and 5 per school, so we encourage you to sign up JV teams as soon as possible. Novice and JV will run concurrently, with four prelims each. JV will share a judge pool with Novice, and will have the same entry fee ($75). The elimination round schedule will be finalized before the beginning of the tournament. The Open division will break to at least octos, and Novice and JV will each break to quarters or semis, depending on field size.


All rounds will be in Dwinelle Hall this year. As a result, we are implementing a 10-minute forfeit rule.


Finally, we are pleased to announce our topic committee: Les Phillips, Jake Klawans, Kevin Klyman, Violet Sinnarkar, Sebastian Miller, and Joel Jacobs.


If you still have TBAs, please update them as soon as possible.


We look forward to hosting you on October 6 and 7.






Dear Coaches and Students,

The Debate Society of Berkeley invites you to attend the 3rd annual Cal Parli Invitational on October 6-7, 2018.

We will be offering five preliminary rounds, breaking to Octofinals, in the Open Division, and four preliminary rounds, breaking to partial double octofinals, in the Novice Division.

The Debate Society of Berkeley is the largest parliamentary debate team on the University of California, Berkeley campus, and as in previous years, there will be a large number of college debaters in the judging pool.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions regarding the tournament. We anticipate a fun, competitive, and educational tournament and hope to see you there!

Best regards,

Jake Klawans

Tournament Director

Debate Society of Berkeley



• A team is eligible to compete in the novice division if neither partner competed in any form of debate before the 2018-19 season.

• Hybrid teams are allowed, but we do not guarantee that they will be protected against hitting a team from a constituent school.

• Any team, including a club or independent team, that is not registered under the name of the school the students attend must have written permission from a school administrator or coach to attend. The written permission should be submitted at least 48 hours before the tournament. Teams may not avoid per-school entry caps by registering under a different name.

• Conflicts created by club teams and other organizations are the responsibility of the teams and their judges to be aware of and disclose to tab. A judge who receives a ballot to judge a team affiliated with the same club as the judge must notify tab, or the affected ballot will be given to the other team.

• An adult chaperone must be present on campus with students at all times.


• Open Division fee: $100 per team

• Novice Division fee: $75 per team

• Judging Fee: $150 per uncovered team. This will be assessed as of October 1. We do not guarantee that unregistered judges you bring with you on the day of the tournament can be accommodated. Judges are obligated through the round after the last team from their school is eliminated.

• Late Fee: $30 for adding/dropping a team or after the deadline (in addition to the entry fee), or for any changes in the last 24 hours before the tournament.

• Missed ballot penalty: $50/round. (For ballots not picked up, or not returned by one hour after round ends.)

• Registration closes September 28 at 5:00 PM.

• Make all checks payable to Emma Barton. Checks can be sent to Emma Barton, 2117 Haste Street, Apartment #211, Berkeley CA 94704

• The Debate Society of Berkeley is committed to making the tournament accessible to all teams, regardless of means. If the above fees would be a hardship, please contact us.



• Partner prep only, internet allowed during prep. In rounds, students may not use materials prepared before prep time.

• The Tab Director will be Joel Jacobs. The Tab Observer will be Artem Raskin.

• Please arrive early, as the University of California Berkeley campus can be confusing upon first arrival. We need to start on time in order to end on time.

• We will be enforcing a 15 minute forfeit rule for every round.

Students are expected to wear business attire.

• Food will be provided to coaches and judges free of charge. Please inform the tournament of any dietary restrictions well in advance of the tournament.

• Every team must provide 1 judge per 2 teams entered or a fraction thereof.

• Topic areas for rounds 3 and 5 will be released one week prior to the tournament.