JW Patterson Debates at Kentucky

2018 — Lexington, KY/US

Clay Schedule 2018


Friday, September 28th


Register your party using online check in or email Lincoln at lincolngarrett49@gmail.com by 5:00PM EST


Note: Pairings will be released Saturday morning


Saturday, September 29th


7am: Pairings Released


8am: Round 1 (decision by 10:15am)


10:45am: Round 2 (decision by 1:00pm)

               Council of Tournament Directors Meeting


12:00pm: Lunch begins serving—CB 1st Floor


1:30pm: Pairing for Round 3


2:15pm: Round 3 starts (decision by 4:30pm)


5:00pm: Pairing for Round 4


5:45pm: Round 4 starts (decision by 8:00pm)


Sunday, September 30th


7am: Pairing for round 5 Released


8am: Round 5 (decision by 10:15am)


10:45am: Pairing for Round 6


11:30am: Round 6 starts (decision by 1:45pm)


12:30pm: Lunch begins serving—CB 1st Floor


2:30pm: Pairing for Round 7


3:15pm: Round 7 starts (decision by 5:30pm)

               Teach in for JV and Novice competitors


5:00pm: Pizza dinner-- CB 1st Floor


6:00pm: Pairing for Round 8


6:45pm: Round 8 starts (decision by 9:00pm)


Monday, October 1st


7 am:  Pairings released


8 am:  Doubles in Open (10:30 decision time)


11:45 am: Octos in Open, Quarters for First-Year Breakout (tentative) —tentative start times or ASAP

3:15 – Quarters—tentative start times or ASAP

6:45 – Semis—tentative start times or ASAP

10:15 – Finals—tentative start times or ASAP