Hoosier Invitational Tournament 2019

2019 — Bloomington, IN/US

Date: January 12th – Jan 14th, 2019

Dear Policy Debate Community, 

Indiana University and the Hoosier debate team cordially invite the policy debate community to Bloomington for this year’s 7 round tournament. The HIT is an ADA sanctioned tournament. We will follow ADA tournament procedures. 

Best wishes, 

Brian DeLong 

SPEA Lecturer 

IU Director of Debate 


Office: 812-856-7585 

Cell: 307-214-4189 


Directions: Parking/Debate Location: 

Saturday and Sunday We will be using the School of Public and Environmental Affairs this year (1315 E 10thStreet, Bloomington, IN 47405). The past few years we have used Ballantine, which is currently being renovated. We will use the Indiana Memorial Union on Monday for outrounds like we have in the past. If you are staying in the IMU, SPEA is a brisk 5 minute walk across the school’s Arboretum. I have included a map below as well as an image of the front entrance to SPEA. 

The Kelley Parking garage entrance is located on east 11thstreet and 768 N Fee Ln Bloomington, IN 47405. You can park here Saturday/Sunday. The gates should be up and parking will be free. You can walk through the Kelley School of business and cross Fee Lane to get to SPEA. The 4thfloor of Kelley has a skywalk. Otherwise, enter SPEA from either the parking lot in the back OR the front entrance on 10thstreet. 

Monday parking will be the IMU pay lot. 

Hotel Information 

We will once again be using the very convenient Indiana Memorial Union hotel and conference facilities. 
Nightly Rate: $112 + tax per double queen rooms 
Group Code:   HICT19 
Block Release date:    January 1, 2019

Internet Instructions: 

1) IU Guest. Just enter your email address and you will be logged onto the internet in seconds. 

2) If you are at a participating university, EDUROAM is an easy way to connect. Use your university ID and password and connect like you would at your home institution. 



The entry fees will be $70 per person in attendance regardless of division. The fees will cover 7 meals including three breakfaststwo lunches, and two dinners plus awards and snacks. Snacks include Sunday night freshly “Baked!” Cookies! While these costs are on par with “major nationals” please notice that we do cover more meals which should save you on per diem side. 


Payment and Registration: (No Cash, Checks must be mailed)

You will be able to pay by check or credit card. Due to Indiana University Conference policy, cash at registration will not be accepted. We would rather you deposit the cash and write out a check and send it to IU conferences. A personal check would be much easier for us to process. An online payment/registration system will become active soon. I will send out the link via email as well as a link on tabroom. 



The tournament topic will follow the 2018-2019 CEDA policy debate resolution.


Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase statutory and/or judicial restrictions on the executive power of the President of the United States in one or more of the following areas:

•  authority to conduct first-use nuclear strikes;

•  congressionally delegated trade power;

•  exit from congressional-executive agreements and Article II treaties;

•  judicial deference to all or nearly all federal administrative agency interpretations of statutes and/or regulations;

•  the bulk incidental collection of all or nearly all foreign intelligence information on United States persons without a warrant.


Judging Requirements 

*One team entered will require 4 rounds of judging. Two teams will require 7 rounds of judging. All judges are committed for the first full bracket elimination debate and one round after their teams have been eliminated. **All coaches are expected to make themselves available for at least some judging and will be on the preference sheet. ***Prelim rounds must be decided within two hours and thirty minutes of the posted start time of the debate. The tab room will flip a coin to determine the winner when the judge cannot decide.****Judges must vote for one and only one team in each debate and must assign speaker points and ranks in prelim rounds. 


Speaker Points: 

We will be using a speaker point scale of 0 – 30 tenths points with tenths of points allowed. Ties in speaker points are allowed. 


Tournament Administration Details: 

The tournament will feature seven preliminary rounds of two-person cross-examination style debates on the 2018-2019 CEDA debate topic in the standard 9-3-6 format with 10 minutes of preparation time. We will attempt to offer three divisions, Open, JV and Novice. In the event of a division collapse JV will move into open. JV teams will be eligible for a JV breakout. JV eligibility for breakout will be determined by division entries before the end of registration on Thursday. 


We will break all teams with a winning record to outrounds or to a full doubles (maximum). 



Each team should be comprised of two debaters. Hybrid teams will be allowed to compete and break. Maverick “teams” in the event of an illness or partner drop can compete but will not be able to win, rounds can occur for educational purposes. Points will be averaged from other eligible rounds for the maverick team. Teams who become maverick in the event of an illness who have a winning record will be allowed to break. Outround qualification will follow ADA rules based. 



We will use ordinal rankings of judges to determine mutuality in preference. 


Audio and Video Recording: 

All rounds (defined as student speeches and judging critiques) should be considered open to the public. As a public activity these debates may be electronically recorded for private educational use by any tournament participant (registered coaches, debaters and helpers). Those who record are encouraged to receive permission from participants before anything is posted to a public space. The debate rounds are open to the public and Indiana University employees and student body. 



All participants debating at the Hoosier Invitational Tournament at Indiana University will follow tournament and Indiana University rules as well as any rules of their sponsoring institutions. We abide by all rules and norms of ADA, CEDA and the AFA, including but not limited to CEDA's sexual harassment policy. Property damaging activities and Illegal conduct by participating students will not be tolerated. 


Non-Smoking and Alcohol Free Campus: 

IU is a non-smoking campus. The smoking ban includes electronic cigarettes. Alcohol is not permitted in public spaces on campus. This means alcohol is allowed in the private spaces (hotel rooms) of the Biddle hotel, but not in classroom buildings or campus walkways. 



Tournament Schedule: 



5:00 PM: Judge preferences are due to Tabroom 


5:00 PM: Registration deadline, confirm that your party has departed and will arrive on time for Saturday morning rounds. If you will not make it or you have changes to your entry, please send them to Brian DeLong an email (Brdelong@indiana.edu) or text/call (307-214-4189) 


**Saturday: School of Public and Environmental Affairs (Likely 2nd Floor) 

7:00 AM:        Breakfast

7:30 AM:        R1 and R2 pairings released 

8:30 AM:        R1 start time 

11:30 AM:      R2 start Time 

1:30 PM          Lunch Served

2:15 PM:         R3 released 

2:45 PM:         R3 start time 

5:15 PM:         Dinner 

6:00 PM:         R4 released 

6:45 PM:         R4 start time 


***Sunday: Ballantine Hall 

7:00 AM:        Breakfast

7:30 AM:        R5 

8:15 AM:        R5 start time 

10:45 AM       Lunch Served

11:45 PM:       R6 start Time 

3:00 PM:         R7 start time

5:00 PM:         Dinner

6:00 PM:         First outround released 

6:45 PM:         First outround start


****Monday: Tree Suites in the Memorial Union 

7:00- AM – Breakfast, awards and outrounds will be in the tree suites of the IMU on Monday. Pairings, judging lists, and the bracket will be released Sunday night. Awards will start at 7:15 AM, outrounds will then start after awards have finished. 

Breakfast: University Catered Breakfast, fruit, drinks etc. and Coffee. 



Invitation for the 2019 Hoosier Invitational Tournament