Pasco High District 5 6 Tournament

2018 — Pasco/WA, WA/US

Pasco High

Host: Sara Hyde

Eastbound on I182:                                        

Take exit 12B

Right onto 20th

Left onto Court

Right onto 14th

Parking is off Henry (take a left) Between 14th and 10th Ave.


Westbound on I182:

Take exit 13

Right onto 4th

Right onto Court

Left onto 10th

Parking is off Henry (take a right) Between 10th and 14th Ave.


Students will be meeting in the student mall.

Judges will be in student services (main hallway). 

Tabroom: Staff lounge (next to student services). 

Enter by the main office.  To reach the student mall, proceed down the long main hallway, across the outdoor courtyard, and into the student mall. 


IEs are out in the portables. Debates are in the main hallway (upstairs). 

Extemp draw in room Portable 101.