Needham March Merryness

2016 — MA/US

Needham HS

Host: Paul Wexler

So! You want to come to Needham! Like the rest of Boston, you can't get there from here. Fortunately, you can get here from there. Approach the land of the Lowells and Cabots via the Mass Turnpike or Route 128. From 128, follow to exit 19B. There is a Muzi Ford dealership. You are on Highland Avenue 'The Passageway to Newton'. At the first light, continue straight, the second light is Webster, as in Noah. Or Daniel. Make a left. Follow for a bit over hill and dale, and through a traffic light (it is new! It was not there four years ago!) and proceed till you come to a parking lot. Buses may stay to the right to the bus lane, others may park on the left. You have arrived at, even though the slope itself is on the other side of the building, the "high school on the hill." If you MUST park on the hill side, proceed to Kingsbury, make a right, make another right on Admiral Gracey, Coast Guard Commander and Needham High alum, and proceed UP the hill to the parking lot there. Wherever you may park,we welcome you!