Needham March Merryness

2016 — MA/US

Children's Literature

Abbreviation KL
Format Speech
Entry Fee $6.00
Entry 1 competitors per entry
Sample Ballot Download

Event Description:

This event requires the use of a manuscript. The student should present material designed to read to children so that it may be understood and appreciated by a young child or children. (Note: This does not mean the literature must fall under nursery level only). The selection must be from a single published fictional or non-fictional story, play, a single long poem or a program of poetry. Material from more than one source is not allowed. The author�s words as published in the literature may not be altered for this presentation with the exception that cutting is permitted. The student may use vocal skills, facial expressions, and/or hand gestures to develop a narrator and character/s. The presentation should include an introduction that cites the name of the piece and the author. The cutting should provide a cohesive scene or storyline (containing a definite beginning, middle and end). No costumes or props may be used in the presentation.

Time: 10 minute maximum, including introduction (30 second grace); no minimum