Nevada Novice Championships

2024 — Las Vegas, NV/US
Field in LD
20 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Record
Advanced Technologies NV/US Ashton Taylor Advanced Technologies AT
Amplus NV/US Alyssa Pena Amplus AP
Amplus NV/US Clarenz Ethan Castaneda Amplus CC
Amplus NV/US Lola Owens Amplus LO
Amplus NV/US Nati Abreham Amplus NA
Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas NV/US Zoe Kristosik Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas ZK
Desert Pines NV/US Kayla Oliver Desert Pines KO
Desert Pines NV/US Memphis Brooks Desert Pines MB
Desert Pines NV/US perla basurto Desert Pines PB
Meadows NV/US Alec Kosyagin Meadows AK
Meadows NV/US Ayaan Sheikh Meadows AS
Meadows NV/US Angel Sun Meadows ASu
Meadows NV/US Channy Kim Meadows CK
Meadows NV/US Ethan Cohen Meadows EC
Meadows NV/US Teighlor Bloyd Meadows TB
Meadows NV/US Veer Dhillon Meadows VD
Northwest Career And Technical NV/US Sarah Brill Northwest Career And Technical SB
Northwest Career And Technical NV/US Victoria Ward Northwest Career And Technical VW
Palo Verde NV/US Caden Betz Palo Verde CB
Palo Verde NV/US Thadus Roberts III Palo Verde TR