McAllen High School TFA NIETOC Qualifier

2024 — McAllen, TX/US
Field in Humorous Interp
14 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
B.L. Gray TX Brody McCloud BLGray Brody McCloud
Gutierrez Middle School of Arts and Sciences TX/US Mikayla Atteberry GMSOAA Mikayla Atteberry
Harlingen HS South TX/US Alexis Middler HarHS Alexis Middler
Harlingen HS South TX/US Avery Janssen HarHS Avery Janssen
Harlingen HS South TX/US Johanna Pimentel HarHS Johanna Pimentel
Harlingen HS South TX/US Kara Cisneros HarHS Kara Cisneros
Harlingen HS South TX/US Lorenzo Lara HarHS Lorenzo Lara
Harlingen HS South TX/US Sadie Maldonado HarHS Sadie Maldonado
Harlingen TX/US Alisha Dorado Harlin Alisha Dorado
Harlingen TX/US Azeneth Corrales Harlin Azeneth Corrales
Harlingen TX/US Elizza Gonzalez Harlin Elizza Gonzalez
Harlingen TX/US Julia Belmonte Harlin Julia Belmonte
Veterans Memorial TX/US Brielle Del Rossi VetMem Brielle Del Rossi
W B Ray TX/US Guadalupe Vela WBRay Guadalupe Vela