The 49th Churchill Classic TOC and NIETOC Qualifier

2024 — San Antonio, TX/US
Field in Original Oratory
35 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Alief Elsik TX/US Fathia Fakoya AliEls Fathia Fakoya
Alief Elsik TX/US Kashish Ayaz AliEls Kashish Ayaz
Alief Elsik TX/US Toluwalase Shobogun AliEls Toluwalase Shobogun
Bellaire TX/US Pranalisree Rajarajan Bellai Pranalisree Rajarajan
BASIS San Antonio Shavano TX/US Siri Borra BSAS Siri Borra
Cypress Creek TX/US Mia Arenas CypCre Mia Arenas
Dripping Springs TX/US Claire Unger DriSpr Claire Unger
Flower Mound TX/US Lavada Barnes FloMou Lavada Barnes
Flower Mound TX/US Meghana Vempati FloMou Meghana Vempati
Flower Mound TX/US Natalie Zook FloMou Natalie Zook
Friendswood TX/US Anna Henry Friend Anna Henry
Hendrickson TX/US Brianna Williams Hendri Brianna Williams
Hendrickson TX/US Johnpaul Buwule Hendri Johnpaul Buwule
Jordan TX/US Aviveer Kaistha Jordan Aviveer Kaistha
Jordan TX/US Haider Al-Ali Jordan Haider Al-Ali
Jordan TX/US Haleema Bawany Jordan Haleema Bawany
Jordan TX/US Jenna Sultan Jordan Jenna Sultan
Jordan TX/US Loryn Siebenkittel Jordan Loryn Siebenkittel
Lake Travis TX/US Katie Vo LakTra Katie Vo
Pampa TX/US Alexa Trejo Pampa Alexa Trejo
Pampa TX/US Josie Linssen Pampa Josie Linssen
Ronald Reagan TX/US Jasmine Wintemute RonRea Jasmine Wintemute
Ronald Reagan TX/US Joy Balfour RonRea Joy Balfour
Ronald Reagan TX/US Katie Eanes RonRea Katie Eanes
Ronald Reagan TX/US Mia Annillo RonRea Mia Annillo
St Mary's Hall TX/US Avani Gunuganti StMar Avani Gunuganti
St Mary's Hall TX/US Axel Morgan StMar Axel Morgan
St Mary's Hall TX/US Kathryn Tubb StMar Kathryn Tubb
St Mary's Hall TX/US Rachel Weissmann StMar Rachel Weissmann
Tuloso Midway TX/US Anabelle Janak TulMid Anabelle Janak
Veterans Memorial TX/US Dabeluchi Isiofia VetMem Dabeluchi Isiofia
Veterans Memorial TX/US Johnny Nguyen VetMem Johnny Nguyen
Village TX/US Emma Kay Villag Emma Kay
Village TX/US Solemei Scamaroni Villag Solemei Scamaroni
Westlake TX/US Kate Ramsey Westla Kate Ramsey