CBSR IE and LD 2

2023 — Ontario, CA/US
Field in Open Original Prose and Poetry
9 entries
Institution Location Entry Code Status
Cajon CA/US Brandon Melchor AA Brandon Melchor
Cajon CA/US Cassandra Vargas AA Cassandra Vargas
Cajon CA/US Christian Tejada AA Christian Tejada
Cajon CA/US Joseph Saldana AA Joseph Saldana
Santiago CA/US Chibunze Udeh AF Chibunze Udeh
Santiago CA/US Jared Alano AF Jared Alano
Los Osos CA/US Bella Kim AH Bella Kim
Los Osos CA/US Sophie Zheng AH Sophie Zheng
Yucaipa CA/US Claire Tucci AJ Claire Tucci