Athens TFA and UIL Two step Saturday UIL

2023 — Athens, TX/US
Field in Spelling and Vocabulary
13 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
Brownsboro TX/US Danielle Harris Brownsboro Danielle Harris
Brownsboro TX/US Elizabeth Gorsuch Brownsboro Elizabeth Gorsuch
Brownsboro TX/US Vicky Kwok Brownsboro Vicky Kwok
Brownsboro TX/US Wesley Ivey Brownsboro Wesley Ivey
Frankston TX/US America Chavez Frankston America Chavez
Frankston TX/US Chloe Hedger Frankston Chloe Hedger
Frankston TX/US Elizabeth Derr Frankston Elizabeth Derr
Frankston TX/US Luke Burman Frankston Luke Burman
Frankston TX/US Maria Chohn Frankston Maria Chohn
LaPoynor Flyers TX/US BreAnna Bristow LaPoynor Flyers BreAnna Bristow
LaPoynor Flyers TX/US Emily White LaPoynor Flyers Emily White
LaPoynor Flyers TX/US Jordynn White LaPoynor Flyers Jordynn White
LaPoynor Flyers TX/US Sean Hannigan LaPoynor Flyers Sean Hannigan