Cypress Freeze TFA NIETOC Swing at Jersey Village

2023 — Houston, TX/US
Field in Falcon Domestic Extemp (Friday)
39 entries
Institution Location Entry Code
A and M Consolidated TX/US Ethan Bohler A and M Consolidated Ethan Bohler
Alief Early TX/US Essence Patterson Alief Early Essence Patterson
Alief Early TX/US Shanna Conducto Alief Early Shanna Conducto
Alief Elsik TX/US Toluwalase Shobogun Alief Elsik Toluwalase Shobogun
Bridgeland TX/US Cameron Dilney Bridgeland Cameron Dilney
Bridgeland TX/US Kristen Osei-Bempong Bridgeland Kristen Osei-Bempong
Clear Brook TX/US Emily Joseph Clear Brook Emily Joseph
Clear Brook TX/US Gregory Stuart Clear Brook Gregory Stuart
Cy-Fair TX/US Sanvi Kumpatla Cy-Fair Sanvi Kumpatla
Cy-Fair TX/US Valeria Patino Cy-Fair Valeria Patino
Cypress Creek TX/US Mathew Mirabal Cypress Creek Mathew Mirabal
Cypress Woods TX/US Annika Coyle Cypress Woods Annika Coyle
Earl Warren TX/US Alana Trevino Earl Warren Alana Trevino
Earl Warren TX/US Amya Smith Earl Warren Amya Smith
Earl Warren TX/US O-Ren Minnfee Earl Warren O-Ren Minnfee
Earl Warren TX/US William May Earl Warren William May
Foster TX/US Eyob Gelaw Foster Eyob Gelaw
Friendswood TX/US Vivian Moon Friendswood Vivian Moon
Katy TX/US Juan Pablo Lopez Katy Juan Pablo Lopez
Katy Taylor TX/US Hannah Leem Katy Taylor Hannah Leem
Katy Taylor TX/US Sophie Contaldi Katy Taylor Sophie Contaldi
Kingwood TX/US Hifza Mazhar Kingwood Hifza Mazhar
Kingwood TX/US Oluwanikanni Adeleye Kingwood Oluwanikanni Adeleye
Kingwood TX/US Sydney Switzer Kingwood Sydney Switzer
Memorial TX/US Anaya Housley Memorial Anaya Housley
Nimitz TX/US "Oluwarantimi" "Akinrodoye" Nimitz "Oluwarantimi" "Akinrodoye"
Nimitz TX/US "Scarlet" "Dowden" Nimitz "Scarlet" "Dowden"
Nimitz TX/US Erfanul Efat Nimitz Erfanul Efat
Nimitz TX/US Ma'Kaylah Snell Nimitz Ma'Kaylah Snell
Seven Lakes TX/US Alejandra Moscoso Seven Lakes Alejandra Moscoso
Seven Lakes TX/US Anisha Ruparel Seven Lakes Anisha Ruparel
Seven Lakes TX/US Maya Kapoor Seven Lakes Maya Kapoor
Spring Woods TX/US Jaylen Campbell Spring Woods Jaylen Campbell
St Agnes TX/US Ella Cowan St Agnes Ella Cowan
Stratford TX/US Jaeho Lee Stratford Jaeho Lee
Stratford TX/US Stephanie Shen Stratford Stephanie Shen
Tomball Memorial TX/US Cole Martin Tomball Memorial Cole Martin
Tomball TX/US Peyton Tegeder Tomball Peyton Tegeder
Tompkins TX/US Sarim Mominkhawaja Tompkins Sarim Mominkhawaja